There’s somebody you see every day, but chances are you don’t think you know them very well.

You probably don’t think of them as a friend and to be honest, you often treat them worse than any enemy.

You talk to them interminably, but frequently only to chastise, berate or criticise their behaviour, the way they look, the things they do and the life they’re leading. In fact, this is the only friend you allow to do this – any others would be dropped after years of this behaviour.

It is likely you have extremely high standards for this person but if you were asked to write them down, you’d find it difficult to do, nevertheless you expect them to live by these unwritten rules.

It's you!Need I say more? Have you worked out who it is?

Stop. Listen …
They probably just said something to you.

Can you hear me? Yes, it’s you. YOU! Your best friend in the universe thinks you’re so awesome that they’ve chosen to be a part of you. In fact they’re never going to leave you. No matter what you do they will always be with you. Stop. Listen and appreciate that little voice – your best friend is talking to you.

Unfortunately, often that best friend feels more like a stranger…

So what can you do about it? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Treat your body with respect by listening to your inner voice when asked to make a health related decisions i.e. relating to food, drink and exercise.
  • Respect and love yourself for exactly who you are with all your ‘bad’ habits, skills, attributes, warts and war wounds. You can’t give something to another if you don’t have it … so love yourself so you can give love to others.
  • Listen to yourself. You constantly get intuition guiding you the best direction, but too many people deny it. You don’t always have to follow it, but often it is giving you some great advice.

What do you think – does this make sense to you?


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