A few practical steps to clarify what you desire…

“If you don’t declare to the universe what you want, how are you expecting it to satisfy you? Also, if you don’t know what you want, do you think it’s ok complaining if you don’t get it?”

An incredible moonIn my last blog, I wrote about a very powerful realisation I recently had; unbeknownst to me, I’d been living by a set of standards I was not completely aware of. My tens of thousands of hours and dollars spent on learning and personal development had created a blind spot in my psyche where I unknowingly was judging myself and faulting others by applying my rules to them and finding them wrong.


This situation, coupled with the concept of the Intelligence Trap (i.e. some people are good at arguing a point and winning, even though the point they are making is invalid) means I’m now reassessing what is important to me to determine my path ahead.

How do we know what we want in life?

So I’ve been thinking about how do we know what we want or love in life? How do we know what really gets us excited, juiced and fully pumped up? Have we been using our memories of the past to determine our choices for the future? Perhaps we are using our imagination and creating images of what we think the future is going to be like based on memories, opinions, media and stereotypes.

Remember, “Memories and Imaginations are lies. They are a storage system until we’re ready for the truth – and the truth needs no apology.” Demartini

David firedancing in Sydney 2000cMonumentally for me, I’ve realised that when I was in my early twenties, I left the UK alone on a working holiday to become a traveller in a kombi camper van driving around Australia, living like a hippy and learning about myself and life. That is also when I started my personal development/self-help journey. I also had daily back pain from a roller-skating mishap at university.

When I look at those events and my lifestyle, would it surprise anyone that some of my key goals were around:

  • Getting residency in Australia.
  • Finding a partner to share my life adventures with.
  • Healing my daily back pain.
  • Learning as much as I could to work out what I want to do with my life.
  • Starting a network of Backpacker Hostels around the world helping teach people how to find out their purpose.

Auspicious really.

Rebirth – Renaissance – Reawakening… 

When a child is born, it takes time to acclimatise and work with its environment – it doesn’t rush in ;). I’m really looking forward to designing my new life on a clean slate. As with the concept of the Second Child Syndrome (i.e. a second child is born to a completely different set of parents to the first – the first being born to a couple; the second to a family), I am now reassessing what is important to me in all areas of life – Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Family & Relationships, Financial, Vocational and Social. In the past I have been all ACTION, however this time I’m going to use more meditation, walking, stillness and reflection to get the clarity I desire.

I have perhaps started the most exciting adventure available … realising I don’t have to be anything to anyone and I can do anything I choose to apply myself to. Crikey, this is so exciting!

A few tools I’m going to apply to this situation include the following:

  • If I find something I infatuate (see more good than bad) or resent (see more bad than good), I’m going to look for the balance in the moment, as quantum physics shows us you can’t have a Yin without a Yang (hence the small dot in the image).
  • I am going to keep my senses open and focus on the values of others if I’m trying to communicate with them.
  • I am going to use the illustration of my behaviour to find the true reason for my behaviour.

That’s enough from me right now – would love to hear your thoughts …

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