I couldn’t help myself – just had to share what else I found out about MONEY

I have a fascination about etymology (the origins of words). I believe that words are an invisible mind control tool we use every day so understanding them gives us flexibility and power … like a walking, talking, samurai sword wielding wordsmith.

In my last blog I mentioned the origins of the word ‘money’, and the Goddess Mnemosyne (say nemosin), the Greek goddess of memory.

Nine days solid of godly passion…

Welllll… according to Greek genealogy, Mnemosyne and the God of gods, Zeus, got a bit jiggy. To be accurate, they got jiggy on Monday and on Tuesday and on Wednesday … and for the rest of the week and didn’t stop till the following Wednesday! Nine days solid of godly passion!

Since they were Gods, Mnemosyne could get pregnant once per day so by the time they’d finished, Mnemosyne was pregnant with nine babies … or the nine Muses when they were born.

Their names and domains are:

1. Calliope (Epic Poetry)

Gustave Moreau's painting of the Greek Poet Hesiod and a Muse (from Wikipedia)

2. Clio (History)

3. Erato (Love Poetry)

4. Euterpe (Music)

5. Melpomene (Tragedy)

6. Polyhymnia (Hymns)

7. Terpsichore (Dance)

8. Thalia (Comedy)

9. Urania (Astronomy)

Some believe that kings and poets receive their powers of powerful and fluent speech from their possession of Mnemosyne and their special relationship with the Muses.Based on language we use today, Money gave birth to Epic Poetry, History, Love Poetry, Music, Tragedy, Hymns, Dance, Comedy and Astronomy.

So Money is the source of these great things …

… or is Memory the real mother?

Some food for thought.

“Dis-member is to take away from the whole.
Re-member is to put it back together again.”

“Learning is simply re-membering.” Plato

So what can you do about this?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to enjoy the fruits of comedy or dance, poetry and music, stories or stars? I suggest you treat yourself in the next week by booking or organising an outing to the theatre or to see a band or symphony. Perhaps read yourself or to a partner or friend some of the words of Kahil Gibran (The Prophet) or any of Rumi’s work.

It’s payback time!


Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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