It’s an ordinary day for you at work. You leave … perhaps a little later than you’d have liked to and make your way home. Consider this a Tuesday if you will … do you do anything special?

Get yourself one today
A ticket to ride

Why not? I did today, and thanks to a little bit of effort on my part, I’m now sitting in Horseshoe bay, Magnetic Island, enjoying a quiet drink and about to order dinner.

I admit that the nature of my work leads me to travel a bit and at the moment I’m working in Townsville for four days. My accommodation is taken care of and I think it’s always quite nice not to have to worry about day-to-day chores.

I woke yesterday morning (Monday) at 4:30am to be on a flight and started work around 9am about 1000km from where I slept. Yes, I was a little tired by the end of the day, but I am aware that life is short and there is SO much fun to be had, so as soon as I made it to my hotel at the end of the day on the 16th floor, I donned my gym-wear and headed for Castle Hill … a huge hill rock in the middle of Townsville. It was so steep and high getting up it, I had to resort to walking which is unlike me.

I had a lovely shower, delicious grilled fish dinner and a long chat to my wonderful lady when I arrived home.

Today I chose to leave work on time, walk 18 minutes to the ferry and take the $14.50 journey to Magnetic Island. Once there, I took the advice of my Nicki, and spent a further $2.70 to take the bus to the northern bay of the now full-moon-lit island and currently sit in a bar I have only ever been to by sea. (Not that long ago a good friend of mine, Michael, invited me to join him sailing on a catamaran for nearly a week for his 40th birthday and this is the bar we went to.)

I share all this to remind you that there are people who save all year to take a holiday where you live.

Explore your doorstep, do some of the ‘touristy’ things in your neighbourhood … and if there aren’t any, I can almost guarantee you that there are some amazing adventures to be had if you just put a tiny bit of thought and effort in to what’s around you.

I love my life … I like to say I’m lucky, and I do believe I am, however I have to admit that I do put effort in … and if you put a little more in, there is no doubt you could reap the rewards.

I dare you …

Remember, what are you waiting for?

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