Need some help getting your ideas out of your head and into a product or training?

I have excellent skills for helping download your knowledge and turning it into systems so you can duplicate or monetise yourself.

I truly have a gift at asking the right questions and guiding you to understand where your skills are. I use mind mapping and customised macro technologies to visualise, refine and rediscover what you already know; you’ll be blown away at what you didn’t realise you know.

If you are a speaker or give presentations…

I offer a completely unique service where I capture what you say real-time (including your stories and ideas) and I can either brief you straight after the event with feedback or help you create information products directly from your content. Where required,  you can email a product to your participants within 99 minutes of the event finishing Рbefore they even get home!

This can include links and resources you mention during your event, and where¬†appropriate, diagrams and photographs … from the same event!

Contact me today to find out more about this unique and powerful service, before your competitors do!

Check out my SmartBusinessTraining website for details of other services I offer.

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