On our way to the MojaveThe other day Erin and I went on an adventure to Joshua Tree which is a small town in the Mojave desert about 3 hours drive east of Los Angeles. One of our primary intentions for the weekend was to visit an unusual building called the Integratron for a sound bath.

Joshua Tree local area

The structure of the Integratron is based on a combination of biblical design, the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extra-terrestrials. It is said to be built at an intersection of geomagnetic ley lines (which are invisible energy lines crossing the globe and often link historic and other important structures).

It is claimed that the combination of design, location and energy make this a very powerful building claimed to be capable of rejuvenation of cells.

Erin & David at the IntegratronUpon entering the building, I was surprised to see there were two floors. The ground floor we entered on was a staging post with books, posters, musical instruments, relaxation area and an area where we could remove our shoes. From here we climbed a steep set of stairs to the main floor. A beautiful wooden dome shaped room, there was enough space for forty of us to lie on the floor (on comfortable blankets) with the beautiful sun streaming through the perfectly spaced windows. There were also a set of large crystal bowls measuring up to nearly half a metre across. These are used in a similar way to Tibetan singing bowls.

The idea of the sound bath is that when these bowls are played, the power of their vibrations coupled with the design of the building and the geomagnetic power of the location ‘soak’ every cell in our body with natural healing energy. The intensity and duration of the sound ensures every atom is bathed in vibrational energy.

Inside the Integratron

Integratron bowlsAfter a short intro, the playing began.

I am always amazed when I hear this type of crystal bowl played as with their size and composition, the power of their vibration is extraordinary and the Integratron experience was no exception. The conductor for our sound bath moved from one bowl to another and as the sounds reflected within the room, there were some very interesting pulses and tones created. We lay there for 25 minutes and I have to say that I feel I was consciously in the room for only about 15-20 of those minutes. I’m not sure if I drifted off to sleep or I was just so relaxed I didn’t notice the time but I certainly feel I wasn’t present for some of my experience. Towards the end of the crystal bowl sound bath, I definitely had a sensation on my forehead which I made a point of self anaylsing to determine whether it was my third eye opening up or just an itch from a mosquito earlier! I am confident I had the feeling, but can’t say why.

About the IntegratronAfter we finished the 1 hour experience (there is music played after the bowl playing), I felt relaxed and refreshed which I partly link to simply being in a beautiful place and relaxing. I love using magnetism and vibration and the experience of bathing all my cells was certainly very positive for me. I would like to believe that the sound passed through me the way it needed to and I’m now healthier as a result.

All in all it was a fun and interesting experience and if I were in a place I could do it consistently, I believe the benefits could be magnified. If you get a chance, try it out for a wonderful and unusual adventure.

Integratron waiting area

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