Oops, I said I’d do the ‘5 Tips to be a Loser‘ today, but I’ll do that after I’ve got this current idea out of my head.

Where do we go?

I was listening to ABC Radio National the other day and there was an interesting programme on about design, I think the programme is called In Design. There was discussion about underground stations in America and how the designers realised that there were different locations where crowds and groups of people would congregate. A ‘choking effect’ was happening within the rabbit warrens that make up larger stations. I don’t remember the detail, however if we think about this practically, these could turn into areas where problems of rubbish, loitering and petty theft could increase, not to mention the inherent safety of large groups of undirected people.

The solution to these problems was found in signage. If people knew where they were going clearly then they would keep moving.

I have a model (currently) called the 3 Cs. I believe to get in to the activated part of our flow, the deep and powerful part, we need just three things. The beauty of this model is that you already do it in areas important to you; I’m not teaching you anything you don’t already know. I just feel this model is a simple way to help us in any moment to achieve the best outcome.

Touched from up high - David at Life Mastery in Hawaii, 2011Confidence: Part of the source of being in flow is believing in ourselves. I believe in the art of goal setting and I love planning, however I feel that if we create these plans and set these goals, we are helpless if we don’t believe we can achieve them. Building our inner confidence by reflecting on how far we’ve come in life and what we have learned. Re-membering and valuing our natural talents we (nearly always) undervalue and giving ourselves a bit of a metaphorical, proverbial, well-deserved pat on the back. Well done You! You’re pretty Awesome! But sometimes you might forget that. I believe inner confidence is swollen with inspiration so there are ways to bring that out. External confidence is also important and there are simple steps to follow to build this … a natural upward spiral.

Clear direction: This is where the Choke Effect comes in. Not knowing where we’re going is like trying to come back from somewhere we’ve never been. If we don’t have clear indication of the next few steps we can loiter and take up time-filling activities. This is fine, but we can implement the skills we already have to look around, use the tools we have, ask for help and set a course… any course, just a clear one and move towards it.

Communication: In our station analogy, this is simply to get to where we want to go we may have to navigate around people and objects and our interaction, our communication with those event, is what can steer us when we need it. Remember communication isn’t just external spoken communication, how we communicate with ourselves, people we care about and even technology are important skills to be aware of.

Well I wasn’t expecting that, but I have been finding that when I train people at work, I do follow these steps and I seem to get good results.

Can you see how you may be ‘choked’ in some areas of life? If you want that to change something in that area, simply focus on it and look around – I’m sure there are people and resources around you could communicate with to help you get clear direction.

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