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5 Tips to help you be in the flow…

As I mentioned yesterday on the topic of flow, when we do things which go with our flow we tend to find them easy and call them good; it’s also likely they take less effort. Today let’s look at how to create a flowing environment. (Keep in mind the idea of a river and you’ll […]

I was nearly deported twice to achieve what I envisioned…

Just over 11 years ago I attended Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny course on the Gold Coast in Australia; I lived in the UK at the time.  I had to identify three goals or aspirations I wanted to achieve in the next 12 months. In effect they were: To have ‘fixed’ my daily back pain […]

Don’t die with your music still in you …

What are you doing today? Is it what you were put here on the planet for? If it isn’t, are you close or at least on the path? How frequently in an average week are you doing something which inspires you? Remember that Inspiration is like Respiration … an unconscious act meaning that you do […]

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It is BAD for you to have New Year Resolutions – DO NOT DO IT!

Two thousand and twelve. Yup, here we are over a week in to the New Year and I’m wondering how many of you made New Year’s Resolutions you are being committed and persistent about. Statistics show that you are likely having challenges and if so, I can help. I’m here to provide a tip which […]

Burning Man – 7 days in a desert …

Burning Man is a unique art-induced desert festival held once a year in Nevada. As I sit here on this comfy couch in an exquisite private hillside haven, the lighthouse of Byron Bay is winking its eye at me across a motionless ocean. The twinkling Milky Way shares it’s magic with occasional shooting stars and […]

How to really make it happen – The Four Disciplines of Execution

Ok, so I have heaps on my plate with my new job, but I really wanted to share this with you so I’m going to knock it out quickly as this is really worth sharing. Last week I was fortunate to be in a day workshop with senior management led by Patrick Un from Frankin […]