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Ten Action Steps to Teaching Responsibility

Outline of a healthy way to encourage responsibility through the years I found this article by Dennis Waitley when I was looking through my hard drive. Great to read if you have young children – or in fact any time in life. It begins early … When children are old enough to understand, they should […]

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Illness in modern society is a responsibility relieving state

Do you get down when you are ill? Do you get angry with sickness? Do you cast blame when your body is stiff, painful or doing things which you’re sure it shouldn’t? I’ve just had a few more blessings on my path and am curious if you see them the way I do. I’d love […]

The Perfect Woman?

This is a gem of a story I read in a collection from Paulo Coelho. It is a wonderful reminder that life is a complete balance and we have as much responsibility to be the perfect partner as the person we’re with or we meet. Nasrudin was talking to a friend, who asked him: ‘Have […]

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Can you live on 24 hours per day?

A recent post from Emily Gowor reminded me of this piece by Arnold Bennett. A great reminder about what we’re up to in our time … Philosophers have explained space… … they have not explained TIME. It is the inexplicable raw material of everything.  With it, all is possible, without it, nothing.  The supply of time […]