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I was lost in darkness …

Black poured in as I opened my eyes; my ears were deafened with silence. All I could gather was that I had been sleeping. I was literally at a loss for where, when and almost who I was in this sense vacuum yet this wasn’t a dream. Additionally there was a pressing problem, I needed […]

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Re-member how Awesome you are! You’re No.1 of 7 billion at that!

I believe we consistently achieve such a huge range of attributes we don’t acknowledge and I think that’s a shame, as they are free and usually serve us and the people around us. For example, at any moment we can find where we have deep knowledge, smoldering confidence or inspirational freedom, simply by looking for […]

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Do you Want it? Need it? Have to Have it or just Love it?

I was talking to a friend about these words the other day and I found in my notes a very practical way of understanding how much energy we’re giving to activities, people or things in our lives. The benefit of knowing this is that we can decode our attraction or repulsion from things, and take […]

The Choke Effect … how is it affecting your life?

Oops, I said I’d do the ‘5 Tips to be a Loser‘ today, but I’ll do that after I’ve got this current idea out of my head. I was listening to ABC Radio National the other day and there was an interesting programme on about design, I think the programme is called In Design. There was […]

Saving a 4 tonne animal

I had the opportunity to visit the Elephant Nature Park not too far outside Chiang Mai the other day and thought I’d share a little about these beloved animals many of us may not know much about; also you’ll realise something important if you are ever thinking of riding one. From what we learned, there are […]

FREE: Money is the ultimate tool

“I don’t have enough money. I need more money. If I just won the lottery …” If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard these statements, I’d be a millionaire! What is so special about money? A belief is a feeling of certainty. A global belief is a belief which affects a whole […]

Don’t die with your music still in you …

What are you doing today? Is it what you were put here on the planet for? If it isn’t, are you close or at least on the path? How frequently in an average week are you doing something which inspires you? Remember that Inspiration is like Respiration … an unconscious act meaning that you do […]

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Your best friend and worst enemy … are the SAME person

There’s somebody you see every day, but chances are you don’t think you know them very well. You probably don’t think of them as a friend and to be honest, you often treat them worse than any enemy. You talk to them interminably, but frequently only to chastise, berate or criticise their behaviour, the way […]

Burning Man – 7 days in a desert …

Burning Man is a unique art-induced desert festival held once a year in Nevada. As I sit here on this comfy couch in an exquisite private hillside haven, the lighthouse of Byron Bay is winking its eye at me across a motionless ocean. The twinkling Milky Way shares it’s magic with occasional shooting stars and […]

What are you waiting for … a tropical island may be waiting for you.

It’s an ordinary day for you at work. You leave … perhaps a little later than you’d have liked to and make your way home. Consider this a Tuesday if you will … do you do anything special? Why not? I did today, and thanks to a little bit of effort on my part, I’m […]