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Where are you going?

Do you know where you are going in life? Here’s a little secret you may not realise – you don’t need to know. When a river is flowing from the mountains down to the sea, do you think the water focuses on the ocean, or where it is going next? I feel that way too […]

Confidence to fail

Confidence to fail To have confidence, you must also have Confidence to Fail. Without attempting things, your confidence will not grow and it really is a self-fulfilling upward prophecy if you do attempt things. You cannot not grow if you simply attempt to do at least some of the things you really want to. People […]

Rose’s café Wisdom … what would a stranger know?

As part of the Dr John Demartini Prophecy workshop I’m currently in, we had to go out into the general public yesterday and ask a stranger two questions. What are 10 things to do in life? What are 10 things not to do in life. I chose Rose who was a lovely young lady sitting […]