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You get PAID when the gods get JIGGY …

I couldn’t help myself – just had to share what else I found out about MONEY I have a fascination about etymology (the origins of words). I believe that words are an invisible mind control tool we use every day so understanding them gives us flexibility and power … like a walking, talking, samurai sword […]

It happens over 85,000 times per day, you probably contribute to it and it’s killing the planet…

I received a PowerPoint presentation recently with brilliant images from Chris Jordan in his art exhibition entitled, “Running with Numbers, a Self-Portrait”. The figures in it disturbed me. As a result, I’ve updated the presentation and reposted it here for you to know and choose how to behave as a result. Are you aware what […]

Ten Action Steps to Teaching Responsibility

Outline of a healthy way to encourage responsibility through the years I found this article by Dennis Waitley when I was looking through my hard drive. Great to read if you have young children – or in fact any time in life. It begins early … When children are old enough to understand, they should […]

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Can you live on 24 hours per day?

A recent post from Emily Gowor reminded me of this piece by Arnold Bennett. A great reminder about what we’re up to in our time … Philosophers have explained space… … they have not explained TIME. It is the inexplicable raw material of everything.  With it, all is possible, without it, nothing.  The supply of time […]