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How you gonna treat your cancer?

I was recently sent this article on cancer, and thought it was a timely reminder that we are all in a position to easily reduce the effects of this maladie in our lives. Understanding the facts about Cancer will help us better prevent this deadly disease. Here are some facts and natural solutions to prevent cancer: […]

Inspirational Junk Food

I just read a piece by Ekhart Tolle on the American elections and I have to say that it inspired me … it inspired me to write about Inspirational Junk Food (what are you feeding your mind?) As humans, we are priceless, multi-faceted diamonds and although we all sparkle, our qualities catch and reflect our […]

How to make McDonalds a raw food café

I have been inspired to write this after a chat last night with Tyler Tolman, Don Tolman’s son. We ended up standing under the stars on the balcony where I’m currently living in Brisbane the day before I clean it for the last time and move to Perth. Tyler and Star, his partner, are about […]