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Our whisky tour video at Aberlour, Scotland

A visit to Aberlour Distillery gave us the opportunity to kick off our ‘The Good Life’ series. We explored the grounds, compared their tipples and also bottled our own 15 yr old malt whisky. A dram of our adventures of 2014.

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What are you waiting for … a tropical island may be waiting for you.

It’s an ordinary day for you at work. You leave … perhaps a little later than you’d have liked to and make your way home. Consider this a Tuesday if you will … do you do anything special? Why not? I did today, and thanks to a little bit of effort on my part, I’m […]

How you gonna treat your cancer?

I was recently sent this article on cancer, and thought it was a timely reminder that we are all in a position to easily reduce the effects of this maladie in our lives. Understanding the facts about Cancer will help us better prevent this deadly disease. Here are some facts and natural solutions to prevent cancer: […]

I’m just a boy …

I’ve been neglecting my blog writing recently as I have had a few things on my plate, but have been wanting to put finger to keyboard for a while. Many people don’t know my whole story – they see the David who came from the UK and has been working and living in Australia for […]

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Illness in modern society is a responsibility relieving state

Do you get down when you are ill? Do you get angry with sickness? Do you cast blame when your body is stiff, painful or doing things which you’re sure it shouldn’t? I’ve just had a few more blessings on my path and am curious if you see them the way I do. I’d love […]

The truth is I have an embarrassing $1,100 confession I didn’t want to tell you …

Life has been the incredible salad of tasty morsels and crunchy croutons I often perceive it to be and I’ve been learning, appreciating and digesting this flavoursome meal of the moment. As I type, I sit at the Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. I’m relaxing outside and can see the cloudless sky […]

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