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“A magnet ever receives energy from the direction of its generation”

  This is true. I read this today when reviewing Dante’s perspective on desire and thought it a lovely illustration of the importance and worthiness of living true to our values. Our actions diligently describe our values far beyond what our heads ever tell us, although our minds sometimes disagree. There are activities we pursue […]

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The Choke Effect … how is it affecting your life?

Oops, I said I’d do the ‘5 Tips to be a Loser‘ today, but I’ll do that after I’ve got this current idea out of my head. I was listening to ABC Radio National the other day and there was an interesting programme on about design, I think the programme is called In Design. There was […]

5 Tips to help you be in the flow…

As I mentioned yesterday on the topic of flow, when we do things which go with our flow we tend to find them easy and call them good; it’s also likely they take less effort. Today let’s look at how to create a flowing environment. (Keep in mind the idea of a river and you’ll […]

FREE: Money is the ultimate tool

“I don’t have enough money. I need more money. If I just won the lottery …” If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard these statements, I’d be a millionaire! What is so special about money? A belief is a feeling of certainty. A global belief is a belief which affects a whole […]