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Do you Want it? Need it? Have to Have it or just Love it?

I was talking to a friend about these words the other day and I found in my notes a very practical way of understanding how much energy we’re giving to activities, people or things in our lives. The benefit of knowing this is that we can decode our attraction or repulsion from things, and take […]

Love is …

I found this in my notes today as I was looking over some content from the Prophecy course I went to by Monsieur Demartini. Whatever you haven’t loved is repeated until it is loved. Whatever you have not loved runs your life until you do. Whatever you hold back holds you back. Whatever you bury […]

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Empyreance … I took the red pill

Do you know the whole story? … well enough of the story to feel satisfied in life? Those who know me are aware of my insatiable thirst for knowledge to teach, well right now I’m taking a breath in between bouts of discussions of neutrinos, quarks and Planck’s length (the raw material of everything), analysis […]

Empyreance links – the whole collection

Here are the links we accessed during Empyreance Sydney 2012. Mindblowing! I reckon we covered the equivalent of a degree every day … for 10 days: Astrology, Astrophysics, Art, Poetry, Peace & War, Love, Yoga, Morals & Ethics, Higher Mind, Dreams, Death Rituals, Cosmology, Creation and so much more… This is the full list. Click […]

30 minutes of Wisdom … distilled for your consumption pleasure.

I’m at the Empyreance workshop this week with Dr John Demartini in Sydney. Currently he is my favourite (and only) teacher disseminating universal laws I’ve identified; ten days learning from the greatest by standing on the shoulders of giants. Quotes from Plato, Einstein, Keats, Anaximander, Freeman Dyson and many others massage our psyches creating relief, […]