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Bush Surgery and Burning Seeds … Australia’s answer to Burning Man

I have yet to put finger to keyboard for my story about Burning Man this year other than the article the ABC picked up of the adventure I had with a luxury 5 course meal in a desert, however right now Burning Seed is fresh in my mind so I’m going to write about that. […]

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Burning Man – 7 days in a desert …

Burning Man is a unique art-induced desert festival held once a year in Nevada. As I sit here on this comfy couch in an exquisite private hillside haven, the lighthouse of Byron Bay is winking its eye at me across a motionless ocean. The twinkling Milky Way shares it’s magic with occasional shooting stars and […]

Do you really want a more simple life?

Descent of the Species This is a story by David Eagleman from his awesome book, Sum, Forty tales from the afterlives. He has taken the concept of the afterlife and turned it on its head, offering a range of alternatives to life after death. This is one of my favourites and Trudi Woodier inspired me to […]

I woke this morning in the back of my car …

This may sound like an uncomfortable scenario but it was far from it as the night before I had parked on a small lane in the shadow of Mount Warning with a church behind me and lush green trees and bushes all around. In addition I had the seats down and was stretched out over […]