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Almost no change for a big change – New Year’s Resolutions made easy #1

Shortcuts are awesome.  Here’s an idea which means an almost insignificant change to your behaviour yet it maintains and improves your health in a  big way. The gift of a recommendation to help you keep your health resolutions. Magnetic Insoles I damaged my back and was in daily back pain for 13 years. That’s all sorted now […]

You love it… don’t you?

A few practical steps to clarify what you desire… “If you don’t declare to the universe what you want, how are you expecting it to satisfy you? Also, if you don’t know what you want, do you think it’s ok complaining if you don’t get it?” In my last blog, I wrote about a very […]

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Is your life flowing … ?

Life is about flow. Most would agree that when life is flowing, it feels good, we achieve more of what we want and our stress levels are lower; this does not mean life is always good, it just means we’re moving in a direction which supports our values. Using a river analogy, I believe turbulence […]

Empyreance … I took the red pill

Do you know the whole story? … well enough of the story to feel satisfied in life? Those who know me are aware of my insatiable thirst for knowledge to teach, well right now I’m taking a breath in between bouts of discussions of neutrinos, quarks and Planck’s length (the raw material of everything), analysis […]

30 minutes of Wisdom … distilled for your consumption pleasure.

I’m at the Empyreance workshop this week with Dr John Demartini in Sydney. Currently he is my favourite (and only) teacher disseminating universal laws I’ve identified; ten days learning from the greatest by standing on the shoulders of giants. Quotes from Plato, Einstein, Keats, Anaximander, Freeman Dyson and many others massage our psyches creating relief, […]

Don’t die with your music still in you …

What are you doing today? Is it what you were put here on the planet for? If it isn’t, are you close or at least on the path? How frequently in an average week are you doing something which inspires you? Remember that Inspiration is like Respiration … an unconscious act meaning that you do […]

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Do you really want a more simple life?

Descent of the Species This is a story by David Eagleman from his awesome book, Sum, Forty tales from the afterlives. He has taken the concept of the afterlife and turned it on its head, offering a range of alternatives to life after death. This is one of my favourites and Trudi Woodier inspired me to […]

How you gonna treat your cancer?

I was recently sent this article on cancer, and thought it was a timely reminder that we are all in a position to easily reduce the effects of this maladie in our lives. Understanding the facts about Cancer will help us better prevent this deadly disease. Here are some facts and natural solutions to prevent cancer: […]

Floods and Cyclones are not only good, but essential

Why the floods and cyclones are happening to Australia right now – In my opinion Australia has been faring particularly well in the big picture of these time of Global Financial Crisis. We have a fantastic resource industry, we have some of the best weather I’ve ever experienced in the 31 countries I’ve been to and lived in. We have an exceedingly strong dollar at the moment and we have peace and security which people in other countries would die for.

In my opinion, these events are happening to Australia right now because we can handle it and to balance the global picture: not to Iceland who had one of the biggest bank crashes ever, not to India, Pakistan or China who have their fair share of natural disasters, not to Hungary which had a tsunami of toxic sludge to deal with, not in Europe where they’ve been having massive winter freezes killing many, not to America who have their political, housing, healthcare and other major challenges, not to Egypt who have millions of people turning out to oust a president they don’t trust.

But I ask all you Aussies or fortunate few on the shores of this magic country, would you rather have the problems from other countries or live anywhere else? I know I wouldn’t.

The Perfect Woman?

This is a gem of a story I read in a collection from Paulo Coelho. It is a wonderful reminder that life is a complete balance and we have as much responsibility to be the perfect partner as the person we’re with or we meet. Nasrudin was talking to a friend, who asked him: ‘Have […]

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