As part of the Dr John Demartini Prophecy workshop I’m currently in, we had to go out into the general public yesterday and ask a stranger two questions.

  • What are 10 things to do in life?
  • What are 10 things not to do in life.

I chose Rose who was a lovely young lady sitting in a bookshop café in Milson’s Point and after explaining the exercise, she sipped her tea and came up with these answers.

10 Things to do in Life

A Rose by another flower
  1. Finish High School
  2. Be kind to people
  3. Avoid getting trapped in what people think you should do
  4. Work out what you want to do and find a way to do it
  5. Have outrageously big goals and aim to achieve them
  6. Keep reminding yourself you’re younger than you are and you have many options
  7. Learn another language so you can see a different world
  8. Read a lot
  9. Take your friends’ feelings and dreams seriously
  10. Learn to love swimming.

10 Things not to do in life

  1. Don’t make decisions which lock you in if you’re not sure
  2. Don’t lose touch with your family
  3. Don’t let old issues get in the way of your life
  4. Don’t stay with someone just because you’ve always been together
  5. Don’t ever cry in work related meetings, Ever!
  6. Don’t smoke
  7. Don’t take your health for granted
  8. Don’t worry about things which might happen
  9. Don’t stay angry about things
  10. Don’t be rude to people who work in retail.

I’m not sure how old Rose was, but she was probably around 20.

What great lessons from a lovely flower of a wise person.

Thanks Rose


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