Angel and Devil NZI believe we consistently achieve such a huge range of attributes we don’t acknowledge and I think that’s a shame, as they are free and usually serve us and the people around us.

For example, at any moment we can find where we have deep knowledge, smoldering confidence or inspirational freedom, simply by looking for it. It sounds easy, but isn’t always as simple doesn’t mean easy. If we are dedicated to keep looking till we find it we will succeed.

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If you’d like to see where you have those attributes, these statements and questions may help. I can’t promise that you’ll find them though, unless you’re willing to keep looking and remember, this is just for fun.

  • Deep Knowledge: Does anybody living or dead know more about you than you do?
  • Smoldering Confidence: You tell a foreigner your name and they mispronounce it so you help them by repeating it a few times or spelling it.
  • Inspirational Freedom: You arrive at a restaurant or supermarket and you choose items which you would just love to eat or prepare.


The reason I share this is to help you re-member instead of dis-membering these amazing parts of you.

Remember, you can’t help but be the best ‘you’ there is – you’re the No.1 of over 7 billion at that … pure genius.

You are AWESOME!

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