What a dream!

Last night I had a wonderful dream which woke me in the early hours and I just lay in bed reliving it.

The key elements were that I had my own pet mountain lion, skiing with my friend Ambrose on an island with another friend (with my mountain lion in the snow), losing my mini into a creek off the road then going on a business trip and encouraging a friend to join me and using delicious Japanese food as the reason they should come.

The main part I connected with was my mountain lion cub. For those who don’t know what they look like, they’re like big cats with short golden fur and strong eyeliner. Not sure if it actually was a cub, but it was small enough that when I opened my jacket and indicated it should climb in, it cautiously stepped in towards me and curled up around my body with his head poking out. Also, not sure if it was a boy or a girl, but being a lion, it seems to me that it was a boy.

It was such a lovely feeling having him there with his big paws and inquisitive, yet comfortable nature. The jacket opening scenario was also repeated when I went to a snow covered island with two friends, one being my friend Ambrose. My little lion was happy to be snuggled in my jacket as I chatted with Ambrose and another friend (female) who donned their skis and headed down the slope. I decided not to actually ski, as I was concerned that if I did so and fell, there would be more than a few tears!

I woke after that first part of the dream and pondered on the delightfulness of my cub friend.

I started re-dreaming after about 20 mins where I was taking some sort of road trip with another friend. Not sure how, but my little convertible mini somehow made it in to a creek after a crash. At the time, we carried on in the other car and I don’t remember actually driving it when it went through the trees into the water. Later on, we went back for it and it was submerged at the back of the vehicle. I didn’t want to leave it so I climbed down to retrieve the whole vehicle. There was a house there and a number of young people so I asked them to help me get it out, saying that if we all pushed and pulled, we could get it out easily. And so it shall be … it was surprising light and the roof came off, the body was one piece and as I lifted it, the top was light enough to pass to someone who was waiting to lift it up on to the lawn of the house and as I lifted the body, I was astonished that I could do that on my own. I was so surprised at the weight, I thought somehow the engine was no longer in the car, but on checking, it was still there.

All in all, it didn’t appear to have much damage and I think we put it back together. I don’t remember driving it away, but in theory it must have been fine as in the last part of my dream I was trying to encourage my friends to join me on another trip somewhere and I used the thought of getting some Japanese curry with chicken as enticement to join me. I believe that is due to the fact that I haven’t been eating much meat at all for a while and some friends find that hard to comprehend.

I wasn’t attached to the ‘negative’ things that were happening, as I suppose I wasn’t judging whether they were good or bad. I do remember liking the cuddles from my mountain lion, but there was no sense of loss when he wasn’t there in the latter stages.

What are dreams? Do we feel emotions in dreams as I don’t remember feeling happy or sad at any moment due to what was going on? Do you have dreams and do you remember them?

2 thoughts on “My pet mountain lion and mini adventures”

  1. I dream almost every night and remember pretty much all of them. Often I can relate things I have dreamed about back to things in my awake life but sometimes my dreams are pretty out there! I think I read somewhere that dreaming helps clear the mind of all the clutter that you don’t need. I know that if I have a good sleep with lots of interesting dreams I always wake up ready to face the days challenges. Also I have nightmares when it is too hot in bed, I very rarely have nightmares but when I do it is always when it is really hot under the covers.

  2. Thanks Kiri, yeah, I agree that dreams certainly help clear things out in our heads. I feel there are many levels to them and I know that digestion is an important part of analysis; in other words, if we’ve eaten a big meal before sleeping, that can provide wild and unusual dreams due to our body digesting.
    That’s great how you see them too as that way, any time you dream, you are associating productivity and having a great day to them which I’m sure sets you up for the fun and madness you have to put up with at work with the Stef-meister!

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