Isn’t it unusual, yet so understandable that we want to quantify love and give it dimension. 

I ‘love’ the definition that it is the ‘synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites.’ Meaning that when you take a normal wave form of the highs and lows of our life over time, and you balance the highs and lows perfectly to a point (synthesis, same amount) and balance the future and the past to a point (synchronicity, same time) then that is the expression of love.

So what that really means is that when we see the balance of the good and bad points of something at the same time, then we are expressing love and in so doing, are love; we don’t want anything to change to be perfect.

Ignor-ance is ignoring the balance and that takes you out of love.  When you can see something is ‘bad’ for you, look for the good to balance it out, it’s there.

How can you love more right now?

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