Love is ...I found this in my notes today as I was looking over some content from the Prophecy course I went to by Monsieur Demartini.

  • Whatever you haven’t loved is repeated until it is loved.
  • Whatever you have not loved runs your life until you do.
  • Whatever you hold back holds you back.
  • Whatever you bury buries you.
  • Whatever you resist persists.
  • Whatever you condemn you breed, attract or become.
  • Whatever you infatuate with you undermine.

Any and every one of these statements is incredibly powerful and with great respect and gratitude to Dr John Demartini for sharing these.

Choose one and ruminate on it for a while – see what happens.

With love and gratitude to people in my life who may never realise how important and valuable an impact they have and how much I love them.


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