What if you were being controlled from the inside like the film ‘Dave’ with Eddie Murphy, where there are a whole set of tiny beings inside his body controlling him.

You may be being controlled by nature from the inside in ways you’d never imagined…

Is it a bird? Is it a snail? Is it a fish? The life cycle of a trimatose…

A trimatose is a kind of parasite with an incredible life-cycle.

As an egg it lives in a snail. As a worm it lives in fish and as an adult it lives in a bird.

Think about that for a moment. How in the world can a parasite predict a flow from a snail to a fish to a bird? This story really does illustrate the absolute undoubted majesty of mother nature. Hope you’re ready …

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite whose host is a cat and if a mouse is infected by it, it becomes drawn to the scent of cats instead of fearful. That way the cat eats the mouse and the parasite can reproduce

As an adult a trematode lives in the gut of a bird where it lays its eggs. These eggs pass out with the feces onto the mud flats of an estuary where snails get infected by the eggs. Worms grow up inside the snail who sheds microscopic tadpoles into the water which swim away to find a fish host. Once inside the fish, they create a cyst and wait for a bird to come along and eat the fish.

INCREDIBLE don’t you think … and there’s more!

Once the fish has the cyst in it, how can the parasite get a bird to eat it? I suppose it could kill the fish and hope it gets eaten by a bird, but if it doesn’t get spotted, then the fish would float away and the parasite would die as the host dies and rots. Also as Dr John Demartini says, ‘No organism will destroy its reason for existence,’ so killing the host before passing on the eggs would be contrary to this rule so the parasite has to do something to get a bird to eat the fish host before it dies …

It was noticed in studies that the cysts that this parasite formed had something specific about them; they all formed on the brain. As a result of the cyst on the brain, the fish that are infected have a tendency to behave unusually. They swim to the surface of the water more frequently AND for an unknown reason (well you know the reason now) they roll on to their sides for a moment before swimming back underwater. This creates a big flash of light to attract the birds and … Hey Presto, a fish dinner for the bird and the cycle recommences.

When they studied the chemical makeup of the brain of fish infected by this parasite, they noticed higher levels of serotonin (a key ingredient of many anti-depressants) and they worked out that these fish were not as stressed out as the uninfected fish hence were much more comfortable to behave the way they did. In tests, fish infected with this parasite were 20-30 times more likely to be eaten by a bird than uninfected fish.

How an addiction is like a parasite

I was blown away when I heard this story and I’ve since wondered of the implications. One idea that came to me is that perhaps addictions have an effect like a form of parasite. Sugar, Nutrasweet and smoking are three addictions which came to mind which compel individuals to behave in a certain way which benefits the consumption of the source of the addiction and ensures longevity of its demand.

I’m assuming that to prevent a trimatose from reproducing, we would simply need to prevent any step of its life-cycle process and similarly with an addiction, if we interrupt any part of the process of its fulfillment, we have a great chance of changing its effect on us. So if someone wakes up, gets ready for work and then reaches for a cigarette as they leave the house, then perhaps leaving via a different door or by walking backwards out the front door would be a simple way to break the pattern.

Some food for thought (if you pardon the pun … or has the Davinator just planted a parasite in your mind?!)

I’ve just finished a one week watermelon fast and I know that I now feel more powerful to create good habits and get out of old ones so I’m testing my theory as we speak.

I’d love to hear your views on this strange and incredible lesson from nature.

(Let me know if you like it, as I have another similar story to share about Zombie Ants which are mind controlled by their parasite to behave in ways they would never normally.)

5 thoughts on “Parasite mind control – how an addiction is like a parasite”

  1. National Geographic Did a Series on Parasites and this and a few others were some of them, they actually said that this Parasite had the ability of Mind Control over certain Supposed “Lower” Life forms and that it would control them to a situation of being killed and Eaten by a “Higher” Form so that it could move through the Chain. At the End of the Film it Showed a Guy Fishing and left a Big Question Mark????? Do Parasites actually Run the World???

  2. Your article was great! How about doing a story on how parasites control humans. I recently did a parasite cleanse that really had a positive effect on my cravings for everything, sugar
    and other things. Thanks for considering this. ps. Fyi. Out of 8 ppl who dd this cleanse with me, everybody had them……Wow

  3. Thanks Loren. I recently heard that we have an estimated 10 trillion bacteria in our guts and there are an estimated 10 trillion ants on the planet … how strange!
    That’s fantastic about the cleanse you and your friends did. It’s great to clear things out sometimes.

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