I’ve been neglecting my blog writing recently as I have had a few things on my plate, but have been wanting to put finger to keyboard for a while.

Many people don’t know my whole story – they see the David who came from the UK and has been working and living in Australia for coming up for 8 years soon, but don’t know some of the underlying world in which I live in. Soon that will be revealed … and when I say soon, that could be another 10 months, but in the meantime, I can share a little more of my world.

I make things happen; I go on adventures; I meet amazing people; I’ve learned amazing skills and I share my life with all those with whom I come in to contact, yet sometimes I forget that I am just a boy.

I’m just a boy who was Made in Hong Kong and lived with two outstanding parents and a great brother who have shown and taught me so much. Sometimes they don’t realise how much I appreciate them, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. They’re outstanding in so many ways. My mother studied geology at university in Scotland, my father was a chartered accountant for a number of companies including a charity supporting people with disabilities and my brother followed his dreams and took himself and his partner to live in the country they desired to live and raise a beautiful family.

I’m just a boy who followed in his parents footsteps by going to university and studying International Business and French because his mother liked geology (hence geography for me) and his father lived in the business world. In addition, my mother spoke Swiss-German and French, so French was a natural progression.

I’m just a boy who two years after graduating decided that there was more to life than London and being a Management Consultant so gave up everything and moved to a foreign country, just like my mother did when she married my father in Scotland and moved to Hong Kong.

I’m just a boy who never ever thought he’d be a hippy, but unconsciously remembers Scooby Doo and thought that living in a van and travelling from place to place solving puzzles may be fun so bought a kombi campervan in Australia and moved to a city he’d never been to before (Brisbane) knowing that he had accommodation and transport and with his massage skills could always find work and started a new life.

I’m just a boy who used his computer, interpersonal skills and personal development skills to find himself in a job with a large multinational who I just realised today was paying me the equivalent of nearly $200k per year to teach people how to use computers and systems to do their jobs better.

I’m just a boy who loves music as the ultimate language and one day will become an amazing musician even though I can’t read music yet.

I’m just a boy who believes he was put here to learn, teach and inspire you to see  your own greatness and to cultivate the seeds of greatness we all know are within you.

I’m just a boy who has already left a legacy with those I’ve met and will never meet again, and will undoubtedly leave a legacy long after I’ve gone…

And I’m just a boy who bleeds like the next person.

And I’m just a boy who feels lonely.

And I’m just a boy who fears rejection.

And I’m just a boy who feels pain.

And I’m just a boy who longs for certainty.

And I’m just a boy who longs for love.

And I’m just a boy who wants to share my life with another.

And I’m just a boy who wants to shine as brightly as I can and share my gift with you to help you make your life more magical because that’s what makes me shine more brightly.

And it is because of YOU, that I am here and I can continue to do what I do.

I am so grateful for the people and experiences in my life which have made me who I am.

And if you’re reading this – that means YOU.

5 thoughts on “I’m just a boy …”

  1. David by honestly expressing your vulnerability you show your true strength as a person who knows your true whole self and genuinely experiences life like a boy …..what a way to go!!

  2. David,

    I loved reading your blog today and was touched beyond words. I think your ability to express your feelings and experiences is phenomenal. You have touched many lives, and I know that our personal journey and friendship will last a lifetime.

    Thank you for all that you have taught me and for allowing me to inspire and shine in you!


  3. David

    Love your writing – you never fail to inspire
    Im just a boy too man! 😀

    Enjoy the festivities at Woodford brother hippy!

    Love from us Mullumbimbites

  4. your more than just a boy david, and i will never forget those snake hips of BLADS, nor the time you rescued me in the first year and such as gentleman, you gave up your bed for me as i got locked out or the girls pad. you are one of the most interesting, courageous people i know, i wish i had your spontaneity and joie de vivre. Reading your blogs and facebook, really cheers me up and i wish you were a bit closer, could do with a good festival. T.xx

  5. You guys! Thanks for your wonderful comments.
    – Walt, you are a man who inspires from your presence and I appreciate your authenticity and joie de vivre – thanks.
    – Bella – we have had a lovely story and you are a lovely story – you inspire me in your generosity of spirit and that shines so brightly it lights the path for others.
    – Scott – you da man, man, and your youthful enthusiasm is addictive for others :o)
    – And Tracy, thank you for the reminder of all those years ago at uni. Ballroom and Latin American Dance (BLADS) is still in my life but more on the Latin American now and although I can be a gentleman, it takes a lady to appreciate and accept my offers. There are some great festivals in the UK – get your ear to the ground and I’m sure you can find them.

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