Me jumping for my life at Life Mastery with Tony Robbins. Very strange lighting on this one too.

Just over 11 years ago I attended Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny course on the Gold Coast in Australia; I lived in the UK at the time.  I had to identify three goals or aspirations I wanted to achieve in the next 12 months. In effect they were:

  • To have ‘fixed’ my daily back pain
  • Have found my amazing life partner
  • Be living in Australia

Debilitating daily back pain

After damaging my back in a roller-skating race with a friend in 1992 I had daily back pain caused by a bulging disc in my lower spine. Initially it was so debilitating I couldn’t straighten my back easily for nearly three months. Over the following 13 years I was in daily back pain almost all the time to the point where I’d constantly look for places to sit or stretch when walking around markets, a favourite past time of mine.

Finally, in 2005 after consistent chiropractic (three times per week) and a generally healthy outlook on life and food, I finally overcame my back pain. In hindsight I believe it was my teacher. Prior to my back pain I had little compassion for other people’s pain, issues and problems however thanks to my back pain I believe I’ve improved in that area considerably.

Living in Australia

A photo I took a number of years ago down on this side of the planet
A photo I took a number of years ago down on this side of the planet

Just over 10 years ago I decided to move to Australia. I was A$65,000 in debt, had no job, no work visa and nowhere to live so I flew to Sydney, bought a kombi campervan (transport & accommodation) and drove to Brisbane. I’d never actually been there before and I chose that location as it was the biggest city in my favourite country in my favourite climate. Over the following years I managed to find work however my visa conditions meant that if I lost a job or finished a project that I’d have 28 days to find a new one (within strict conditions), or I’d have to leave the country; twice during that period I had to leave Australia for this reason.

All that adventure aside, I am proud to report that as of last month I have healthy savings, a great job, amazing relationship and future and was granted my Permanent Residency to Australia … finally!

What I’m trying to say…

I write this post, not to boast or pretend I’m so special, just to remind us that sometimes optimism and naivety can be a blessing, and sometimes a handicap. Thinking I could achieve all three of these goals in 12 months was perhaps a little optimistic – possible, but optimistic as it would have required laser focus and sacrifice of lifestyle and other things to achieve them which obviously I wasn’t willing to do. During the past 11 years I have had innumerable adventures travelling and working all around Australia in exquisite locations with amazing people. I’ve been to a range of international destinations for road trips, sailing, desert festivals, trainings and friendly visits. I’ve earned and saved thousands of dollars and paid back all my debts and in my opinion, this was what I chose to entertain myself with instead of the primary goals, however I never took my eye of the targets and achieved them nonetheless.

Enjoy life... it's the only you've got

Life is the most amazing canvas on which you can paint; the colours are all around you to share. Start sketching even just one dream today, and before you know it, your masterpiece may be all around you.

What dream or vision do you have? How would you really, really, honestly like your life to be? What are you waiting for?

3 thoughts on “I was nearly deported twice to achieve what I envisioned…”

  1. Reading this reminds me that while we set goals in life and hope to have them now or sooner, it is really the seeking and following of those goals / dreams that is the true journey. I am so pleased to be joining you on the next chapter of this journey together and look forward to the path as much as the goal. Thank you my love for sharing your journey, finding and ‘seeing’ me.

  2. Loved that story bro! So happy for you that these things have manifested for you. It inspires me to think that all the things I hope for are on their way. I don’t know the exact time frame, but they are on their way!
    So I had better enjoy the process 🙂
    Thanks mate

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