Depending on your level of magnification, events are happening at considerably differing speeds.  Knowing and appreciating this can alleviate suffering at many levels.

What's happening in a single bubbleFrom where we are as humans, when we look at one lifetime of about 70-80 years that probably seems like a long time. That same period in the context of biology to a cell in our arm would seem like an eternity as a cell generates and regenerates perhaps billions of lifetimes during our one life; a cell is smaller so time is relatively faster. When we go the other way and get bigger such as in geology and the formation of rocks, one human lifetime is much much shorter where it can take thousands of human generations for a diamond to be formed; our lifetime is hardly even a blink of an eye to geology.

When we take time up to a solar system level, galaxy (such as the Milky Way) or even farther out to a galaxy cluster the whole of human existence probably started and finished faster than the speed of light. (To give you an idea of scale, I’ve read that our sun, hence our solar system, has a lifetime of around 9 billion years. Currently we’re about half way through at 4.5 billion years.)

So what are the implications of this?

The 3 Ps of your Problems

No problem is Permanent, Pervasive (affects everything) or Personal, however our ego will tell us otherwise.

  • When we are in the midst of a challenge in life, we tend to think it is going to last forever.
  • When we are in the midst of a difficulty in life, we often tend to think that this issue affects everything in our lives.
  • When we are in the midst of a problem in life, we are inclined to think it only affects us and has only ever happened to us.

Reflect on this a moment and you’ll see that your own past experience proves that this is not true – no challenge you’ve had was permanent, pervasive or personal. Remember those exams you never thought would be over or the relationship break-ups where your heart felt like it would never heal or those times you or your friends have been unemployed.

Tiny world, tiny timeRemember, this too shall pass. In the Grand scheme of things, our problems come and go as quickly as cells in our body grow and die.

Next time you have a little challenge which is causing you pain you’d rather not have, change your magnification to see that event in the context of that decade of your life, and quickly you’ll (hopefully!) realise that it doesn’t really matter so take the learnings and let it go.

There’s a lot more to this, but thought I’d just share this now.

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What are your thoughts on time?

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