From the Quantum Corner:

The two things we all want is to be loved and to be enough and unfortunately when we break up with someone, those both get activated in the negative. It is completely natural and human and it is important to appreciate and flow through this phase.

Due to the omnipresent nature of balance in the universe, we will only stay upset when we consider the things we have lost (that we liked) as a result of the breakup. It can be healthy to reflect on the good times and let some tears flow. Some people will do this for a day, some for a month. If you know you’re the kind of person to dwell on things, give yourself a fair time period to mourn the loss in whatever way feels right (as long as it is ethical and aligned with who you are).

At any time you are able to accelerate getting over someone by remembering the things about them you didn’t like. When you focus on the disadvantages and negatives of the relationship you were in, those thoughts will start to balance out the sense of loss or pain.

When you get to a place where you can truly feel a balance of both the advantages and drawbacks, the good and the bad of the relationship you were in, you will experience a quantum leap and the relationship will transition and elevate to love because when you see someone (or something) for who they truly are (both awesome and awful) then you put them in your heart because love sees true and is perfectly balanced.

Hope that helps 😊

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