I have been inspired to write this after a chat last night with Tyler Tolman, Don Tolman’s son. We ended up standing under the stars on the balcony where I’m currently living in Brisbane the day before I clean it for the last time and move to Perth. Tyler and Star, his partner, are about to embark on a 30 day challenge so the topic of food and health came up and I was explained what I considered a stroke of genius relating to healthy diets and McDonalds. Here  is the crux:

McDonalds does not produce burgers and chips for the masses because they want the masses to eat burger and chips, it produces what it produces because, that’s what the people  ask for. McDonalds is doing nothing more than giving the people what they want so if the people change what they want, then McDonalds will change what it provides.

Have a look at the menu today compared to even 10 years ago and you will see an evolution of salads, vegetarian burgers, McCafé  and more. Another illustration  is the fact that if you have ever seen McDonalds in different countries, you’ll notice that they have specific items tailored towards the local market: the McOz with beetroot in Australia and Sweet and Sour soup in Hong Kong are some examples.

For people who eat McDonalds, they are voting with every cent they spend there. If we start voting more for the vegetarian option, then those in charge will see that it is in their interest to move their focus towards the options people are paying for.

Tyler was telling me that he went in to a café in California and had a raw burger – in other words a range of sprouted pulses and vegetables mixed together in a delicious raw bun and he had to check himself a couple of times to confirm that he wasn’t eating meat as it was so deliciously meaty. This shows that it is possible to create a burger like this and should McDonalds one day offer an equivalent meal, and as McDonalds voters we voted for it with our dollars, then it would change the face of the café and we could see an evolution of our eating habits.

In addition, demand would mean that machines would be developed to create delicious raw burgers in minutes. I visualised a contraption where the appropriate ingredients would be entered into various chutes, be lovingly sliced and diced and at the other end a lovely raw burger would come out. This could help keep the prices down in the long term and make the raw burger viable as fast food. The moral of this story is to realise you are voting with you money and make sure you are consistently voting for what you really want so the world can provide it.

Thanks Tyler for a great chat and to know more about what he does and to get in contact, go to www.consciouslifestyler.com.

BTW if people are interested I can share what he said about how we can have fuel free cars using magnetic technology. If you’d like to hear about this, let me know by making a comment below.


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