Here are a few definitions of luck or lucky:

  • Positive gratitude
  • LUCK = Location, Understanding, Connection, Knowledge
  • Lucky: an acknowledgement in gratitude that all events have led in finer divine order to being where you are with the specific people you’re with and that you are where you are destined to be.

I feel that these shed some light on what being lucky is and I’d like to add more…

This shows you the magic of the surgeon's touch
This shows you the magic of the surgeon’s touch

On Valentines day this year …

I fell over at a festival and landed on my right shoulder. Although it was a broken collarbone, I mistook the bone pushing up against the skin to be a dislocated shoulder so used all my strength to try and push it back in to place, I’ve seen Die Hard!  I was disappointed that although the bone moved about four cm, it returned to it’s original position when released.  The medics applied a very simple sling and not only did I have to be passenger in a car for 18km over dirt tracks back to civilisation but we had to drive for four hours back to Brisbane before I could find a doctor. All this and I only had two pain killers; it was three weeks before I had surgery. Where’s the luck in that?

On Valentines day this year…

I was gifted the receipt of love from three friends who helped me when I really needed it. Ethan and Naomi helped me organise myself and get to a doctor despite being out at Landranger National Park, hours from anywhere, and Georgi helped me get home after the doctors as well as looked after me after my experience. Where’s the luck in that?
On my birthday this year  …

I’d been in Australia for over seven years and still didn’t have my permanent residency organised. The route I was taking could not be consummated and I was six weeks away from having to submit another visa to stay in Australia or I’d have to leave the country. Where’s the luck in that?

On my birthday this year …

I was sitting in a course studying Wealth Dynamics. It was four days at Vision Villas in Bali where we analysed the concept of wealth based on the iChing – the ancient Chinese book of Changes. We arose each day to take breakfast in the gardens of a paradise oasis away from the madding crowd; a fresh fruit and Balinese buffet laid before us for our degustation, a stream trickling behind the friendly staff. I had to take 4 days off work and pay $1890 for the training. Where’s the luck in that?

Today …

I’m sitting in an unfamiliar city, over 4,000km from where I was living a week ago, having had to move to take a job which can guarantee me my visa in 12-24 months. I had to uproot from my family of friends in and around Brisbane, pack up my personal items, sell my car and bike and leave my apartment so I could start another new life on the other side of the country in Perth, Australia. Where’s the luck in that?

Today …

I’m living in a wonderful fully-furnished apartment about 10 mins from everywhere – by foot: the station, the local party area, Perth Chinatown, the gym, the supermarket and 10 mins drive, most of Perth. I’ve unpacked my belongings, set up my new mission control (computer and music systems), and am preparing to pick up my new black convertible Mini Cooper on Monday. I have an incredible job as National Marketing Manager for which sells and services Sun Shade Systems designed by the owners and targeted at people with $2m+ homes aged 35-60. The business itself is actually just a tool to create what the owners truly vision, which is cafés and similar ventures to help people with social, racial or mental disabilities learn skills to help them get back in to society at a level of their choosing. My beautiful girlfriend Emily is coming to join me in a week to take stock and build her business whilst I embrace my new opportunity. Where’s the luck in that?

What I’m trying to illustrate is the fact that there’s balance in everything and if you choose to feel positively grateful for what’s happening in your life, then I believe the result is more luck in your life.

Love the things you do, and you’ll be doing the things you love.


What does luck mean to you? How would you describe the feeling of being lucky? I’d love to hear your views.

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