“I don’t have enough money. I need more money. If I just won the lottery …”

If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard these statements, I’d be a millionaire!

What is so special about money?

A belief is a feeling of certainty. A global belief is a belief which affects a whole segment of your life. Most of us are unconsciously either blessed or hounded by our global beliefs. Pause after each of the following and notice your answers …

  • Work is …
  • Food is …
  • Men are …
  • Life is …
  • Exercise is …
  • Women are …
  • Life is …
  • Money is …

Notice your last response. Take a moment and ask it again – you’ll hear the answer in your head.

Are you aware that your belief about money is a key driver in your life? Are you ok with that?

Many hear words like … Evil, …Hard to come by,… What other people have, …Slipping through my fingers? Examples like these mean people are adopting global beliefs which doesn’t serve them. Considering that money is simply metal, paper, plastic and now invisible (electronic), it’s surprising it is given  Changing itcould unconsciously alter a whole segment of their life, for the better.

The definitive source of money

The origin of the term money is derived from the Latin words moneta and monēre. These also relate to the Greek goddess of Memory and also have links to meanings such as to remind, warn or instruct. Perhaps the source of money is a clue as to how we can view it most usefully.

Money: “What am I really?” asked the coins as they met the creator

  • I am a token to remind you; trade me with others to receive memories you can treasure for a lifetime.
  • I’m a sign to warn you from straying from your path; follow your purpose(s) and I will come to you in abundance yet likely lose importance.
  • I am a teacher to instruct you towards the things you value.

Years ago at a personal development workshop with Anthony Robbins, I was fortunate to learn about global beliefs and realised that I didn’t have a very empowering view of money. I can’t remember what it was, but one day I committed to changing it. I decided that my new global belief was… “Money is the ultimate tool.”

With that belief conditioned, I have not always had lots of money in the bank, but I’ve always been able to do almost anything I truly wanted including incredible international holidays, gifts to friends, amazing technology, freedom to travel, festivals, cars, education and so much more; I believe those who know me would agree.  Money is my Swiss Army knife and I’ve allowed it to flow in, out, and around in my life carving an amazing adventure for me. In addition, I certainly don’t have the stress many associate with money.

Ready… Change … Flow …

I’m not going to go through the full conditioning process I followed, but if you’re ready to change, then try this flow:

  1. Decide on a global belief you like about money – it should feel good when you say it, ideally making you smile.
  2. Every time you get your purse or wallet out to pay for something, or have money in your hand, say your global belief, “Money is guiding me. Money is my friend. Money is all around me. Money is always flowing to me. Money is the ultimate tool.”Out loud is best, but in your head is fine.
  3. Repeat this for thirteen days.

Watch the change, it makes cents!

Tally ho!


“I am not interested in money, but in the things of which money is the symbol.” Henry Ford

“With the wrong tools, even the most talent artist is helpless.” David Woodier


2 thoughts on “FREE: Money is the ultimate tool”

  1. Well said David – thoughts become reality because they determine our attitude which in turn motivates our behavior. Our behavior (not simply our thoughts) generate situations and outcomes aka reality!
    Attracting or repelling money is an obvious manifestation of thoughts/behavior patterns.
    Time is another one. I find my challenge is to balance money and time. Life is full of challenges !!!

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