In the last 10 weeks, I have moved interstate from Perth to Brisbane, lived with a handful of such generous friends who have provided me shelter and security in these uncertain times (THANK YOU!). I had a friend of a friend lend me his car for a few weeks just when I needed one and secured an excellent job with a great company in Brisbane which will challenge and support me to use my natural and learned skills in potentially challenging arenas –  perhaps even training in French later in the year. I helped out at the Woodford Folk Festival, the most incredible festival in the world and as part of the Ninja Theatre, I proposed on stage to a girl I’d only recently met as part of the entertainment. Ironically and by divine providence I also met a most incredible woman who I believe is the person I’ve been looking for to share this amazing adventure of life we’ve been given. Due to the timing of my new job and visa applications (which in theory could evict me of the country I love if not dealt with appropriately), I had a few weeks spare so moved down to Melbourne temporarily to live with this lovely lady to test the water of our potential future and have to say that the connection has been unexpectedly profound.

Flooded in 16 mins

I share this brief outline to remind you that a lot can happen in a surprisingly short time. Quite often in life people feel as if they’re in the midst of a storm of never-ending problems; if they focus on that belief, it is difficult to appreciate that there is plenty of good weather between the challenges.

Remember the 3 Ps of any Problem

No Problem is PERMANENT, PERSONAL or PERVASIVE. In other words, it won’t last forever, life didn’t just give you this problem (many others have had it) and no problem affects every part of your life. This too shall pass.

At a peak of 220% capacity, Wivenhoe dam was apparently 90cm away from bursting over and destroying Brisbane

I was in Brisbane for the start of the recent floods and would never have believed nature could have such an effect in such a short time – certainly not in Australia.  I remember questing in to the overcrowded supermarket and seeing rows of bare shelves and isles of emptiness – people were ironically preparing for Armageddon. Having voluntarily consumed only water for 13 days in the past and been healthier for it, I found the panic quite fascinating. Without belittling the effects on some people (including friends who have had two family generations lose almost everything) the flood did subside and life is continuing for them albeit down an unexpected path.

Quantum says it’s all balanced, all the time …

Within the realms of Quantum Physics, it is said that in every moment everything is balanced if we look for it. This means that nothing is good or bad, it is both and neither, it just is.

Were the floods good or bad? Doesn’t it really depend on who you ask? There are businesses that were destroyed as a result of the water, and businesses which have sprung up and are thriving like never before. People have lost jobs and new jobs have been created. People were stranded alone on the roofs of their completely inundated homes, and individuals created communities by banding together like never before to help each other, even opening their doors and letting strangers stay in their homes.

Not everyone is ready or able to believe that everything is balanced, however it is something I do subscribe to and encourage others to try on due to the mental, emotional and physical benefits it bestows. If you want to see the actual results of adopting beliefs like this, just have a look at the snapshot of my life over those 10 weeks. The consistent uncertainty I have had to live with over that time as well as over the years has attacked the foundations of my world (such as shelter and security with my right to stay in Australia which are at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). This has illustrated to me time and again that in every moment I have certainty and uncertainty, restriction and freedom, success and failure and all those ingredients are essential to the delicious experience which is my life.

And these ingredients are available (and happening) to all of us, all the time but many of us choose not to see them.

So why are Australia’s recent floods and cyclones necessary?

Well they prevent imbalance in the world. In my opinion, the country I love, Australia, has been faring particularly well in the big picture of these time of Global Financial Crisis. We have a fantastic resource industry, we have some of the best weather I’ve ever experienced in the 31 countries I’ve been to and lived in. We have an exceedingly strong dollar at the moment and we have peace and security which people in other countries would die for. Curiously many of these strengths are being challenged (balanced) with the recent events. I heard somewhere that for every day the trains don’t run to the mines it is a potential loss of up to $100 million to the mining industry.

In my opinion, these events are happening to Australia right now because we can handle it and to balance the global picture: not to Iceland who had one of the biggest bank crashes ever, not to India, Pakistan or China who have their fair share of natural disasters and ongoing pollution, not to Hungary which had a tsunami of toxic sludge to deal with, not in Europe where they’ve been having massive winter freezes killing many, not to America who have their political, housing, healthcare and other major challenges, not to Egypt who have millions of people turning out to oust a president they don’t trust.

But I ask all you Aussies or fortunate few on the shores of this incredible country, would you rather have the problems from other countries? Or for that matter, would you rather live anywhere else? I know I wouldn’t.

My heart goes out to those who are challenged during these times and I wish you the strength to see the balance and silver lining on anything negative that happens and just work on through it one step at a time. If my friend Andreas Dagelet, Handcycling World Record Holder, Inspirational Speaker and Coach can now see that breaking his back falling out of a tree was one of the best things that ever happened to him, then I know we’re capable of getting through this.

Remember to ask for help if you need it, and if you are asked, or can see it is required, do what you can to support a friend or stranger in these challenging times from wherever you are in the world.

With love and gratitude,


4 thoughts on “Floods and Cyclones are not only good, but essential”

  1. Very interesting David. Good to have a different slant on things, especially such a positive one. One point I would make however is that it is relatively easy to have a topsy turvy style of life if you have only yourself to think of. Add a spouse, children, your and their extended families and then it is not quite so simple to just get up and go.

    Love M xx

  2. Thanks for the note M and glad you had a chance to read some of my writing – when are we going to see some of yours? I am sure there are plenty of amazing stories you can share … perhaps you could start your own blog and let me know if you’d like a hand with that.

  3. Hi David,
    I really like what you wrote.. yes it is very easy to see and feel the effects of the storms and not the possibilities all the times..
    I too have been living with alot of uncertainty in my life over the past couple of years.. sometimes it “breaks” me.. but this too can and usually is a good thing.. shaking my preconceived ideas and judgements, etc.. is a posittive thing.
    I know you only slightly, and I am certain that if you had a family, spouse, etc.. that you would see the importance of ensuring their basic and rightful needs are met.
    I personally know many families who live in “uncertainty” placing their needs in Gods hands all the time! They put what is important first and are always taken care of.. not always the easy way but the fruits that are yielded are great and abundant and they are some of the most loving and generous people I know.
    Currently I am staying at my parents place in Canada… I am reminded on a constant daily minute by minute basis to be present with the moment.. 6 years ago my father suffered a debilitating stroke that left him paralysed on his right side.. to know this man today is such a blessing.. he is warm, healthy, loves people and reminds me of what is important in this world..Love and trust.
    I wish you all the best in your endeavours with your new lady and future!
    Love Bernadette

  4. Here’s a response I added on fb.

    My view is not an attempt to justify these events, more an explanation of energetically why they may be happening – and now with WA fires to add to the mix. The ‘everything balanced in every moment quantum’ concept and many of the other consistent large scale world events could simply be to remind us that nature is in control seeing as we’ve been trying to control it for all this time. Brazil has also been subject to considerable droughts in the past too so there’s balance there. In my opinion the world is far too multidimensional to completely correlate any one event to another, but this is an attempt to illustrate some of the connections. When we consider world growth, these large scale international disasters have the effect of slowing production and growth, so perhaps that’s simply the balance of all the prosperity we’ve had.

    This short video explains about El Nino, La Nina, Australia, Sri Lanka and Brazil:

    Here are a couple of interesting articles I found:
    – Rain and droughts in Brazil –
    – General article on many of the current climatic events and the suggested reason for them with El Nino and La Nina systems
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