Do you know the whole story?

… well enough of the story to feel satisfied in life? Those who know me are aware of my insatiable thirst for knowledge to teach, well right now I’m taking a breath in between bouts of discussions of neutrinos, quarks and Planck’s length (the raw material of everything), analysis of the writings of Plato, Newton and Einstein as well as the Egyptian and Greek Mysteries to name a soupcon of the content we’re covering this week. I mention more in my last blog.

I could not ask for a more purposeful individual who has trawled the tomes of the greatest teachers of all time and amassed such a harvest of wonder-ful information to share. In this workshop, Dr John Demartini has brought together a stunning wealth of information and as he takes us on a journey through space and time, he skilfully draws the threads of knowledge together to demonstrate the beautiful tapestry of the matrix we are all a part of.

7 steps up to Town Hall, illuminated by 7 Rainbow Rays tonight in Sydney 12/12/12

No description of a rose is as sweet as its scent and nothing I can pen could truly reflect how incredible and humbling it feels to have been exposed to such insights about the alpha and omega of wisdom.

I feel even more equipped on the voyage of discovery and actuality this has inspired in me and the vision I’ve had for many years now feels as if it has been accelerated to light speed.

Don’t take my word for it, do your own research and YouTube or read what he has to share and make up your own mind. It’s not for everyone, however I cannot emphasise enough how exciting a journey you can choose to take by getting to any event he is speaking at in your area, and specifically his fundamental course, The Breakthrough Experience.

Don’t worry, he is gentle to begin with but should you choose to take the red pill too and study more, you’ll be crossing the event horizon into a Black Hole you will emerge from, senses revitalised for a whole new perspective on life.

Thanks John, you’re not bad as teachers go… 😉

“Shine your light so brightly it may illuminate the path for others.”
David Woodier

P.S. I’ve you’ve ever been exposed to John, feel free to put a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions.

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