Bali magic
Bali magic

I’ve recently been listening to the book Eat, Pray, Love  by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve watched her TED talk about Your Genius a number of times and hearing her questioning inflection in the way she speaks, I can only think of her on stage telling her stories.

I’m at the ‘Love’ part of the book, the third section set in Ubud. Ironically I was there in Bali at the start of this week so it’s rather fortuitous that I’m reading about it now. Whilst she’s there she explains about a lovely gesture she was fortunate to be able to offer for her 35th birthday.

I was inspired by her story.

Well, it’s my 40th birthday at the end of the month and today I spent some time thinking about gifts for myself. I thought of asking for a silver coin for each year of my life and a key country I was in, then I stopped myself and thought about what I’d really like.

School children - I took this last time I was in Bali
School children – I took this last time I was in Bali

Have you got Room to Read?

I’ve always been impressed by the organisation Room to Read and have helped at an event of theirs in Brisbane. It was started by a guy from Microsoft who visited a sorely information-undernourished school in Nepal which had only 3 books in its library – he then left the company to change the world. John Wood has since gone on to build schools, libraries, computer rooms, publish books and give grants to girls needing education in many developing countries. Today over 8.8 million children have benefited in their education and today I want us to do our part to increase that number. BTW think about that – 1 person has impacted nearly 9 million!

Let’s build a library together

With your help I’d like to build a library. It is only US$5,000 to provide a library in a developing country which will have an ongoing effect at improving the lives of children and future children and families on the planet.

So, I’m asking if you will help me reach the goal of $5,000. I’m going to make it easier straight away by pledging $400 so between us we only need $4,600 … 115 x $40/years I’ve been on the planet!

All I ask is that if you would considering giving me a gift for my birthday, that you give a contribution towards our library as it would mean so much to me to know that we helped provide for a library in the world where children are learning every day – long after our contributions are forgotten.

Your action today will help many to come ...
Your action today will help many to come …

Really simple next step – just do something

Click here to go to my contributions page and you can make a donation using Paypal, Credit Card and other ways.

I’m so excited about this and really hope you can add your contribution, no matter the size, to our library – which I believe is a worthy cause and a legacy we can leave together on the planet.

Let’s make this happen!

Thank you for being a part of my 40 years and leaving something special for the future.


Click here to go to my contributions page 🙂

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