What are you doing today? Is it what you were put here on the planet for?

If it isn’t, are you close or at least on the path? How frequently in an average week are you doing something which inspires you? Remember that Inspiration is like Respiration … an unconscious act meaning that you do the things which inspire you because you love them, not because someone makes or motivates you.

Inspiration is like Respiration … an unconscious act

I feel I’ve been in a little winter in my life for the past few months (despite spending my working weeks in Townsville, Australia, where the temperature at midnight is over 25 degrees). What I mean is that I’ve been spending less time on the things which excite, inspire, thrill and propel me and more on being human or human being. As with nature, winter is a time for planning for spring so if you’ve been feeling the same, keep focusing on your preparation for when winter ends.

As a self-confessed eternal optimist I realise I can gloss over some of the challenges others have in their lives however I assure you this does not mean that I don’t have challenges in mine.

I think that people assume that my optimism and self-belief mean that I don’t need support and encouragement and I’m trying to work out if they are right. My theory on balance suggests they are correct. The theory of equality suggests they are wrong. Still a work in progress and I’d appreciate your views below.

Just one key message for you today – what are you doing? Is it what you were put here on the planet for or are you at least on the path or can see the path?

If not, what three things can you do today to be one step closer to showing us the greatness of who you are … because I believe that if we are truly honest, we want everyone to succeed in being the best they can be, ourselves included.

Every second, you get a second chance to do something different …

And again.

And again.

Maybe now, try something different…


One thought on “Don’t die with your music still in you …”

  1. There are so many things I want to change.. How can I start with 3?, love this piece of writing:)

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