Could you do it? You must try it to have confidence to fail
Could you do it? You must try it to have confidence to fail

Confidence to fail

To have confidence, you must also have Confidence to Fail.

Without attempting things, your confidence will not grow and it really is a self-fulfilling upward prophecy if you do attempt things. You cannot not grow if you simply attempt to do at least some of the things you really want to.

People see my life and assume that I’ve always been confident – I’ve had my fair share of challenging situations, I suppose I’ve just found a way to take them in my stride. As I like to say, when life gives you lemons, smile, hand them back and say, “Actually, I ordered a travelling lifestyle of adventure and learning, thank you very much.”

I’m all for playing the hand we’re dealt and I feel I was fortunate to get a few good cards but I’m not sure if the good cards made me, or I made the good cards. I’ve lived for 11 years in a country where if I lost my job or finished a project, that I’d have 4 weeks to find another job, or I’d have to leave the country. It’s surprising how liberating it is knowing that your home could change in a heartbeat. I had to leave Australia twice during that period. My confidence has been built by smashing it against the toughest obstacles I could conjure up and I’ve benefited from all my work.

I’m encouraging you to fail

… or at least try to fail by giving it a go – say three times per week taking 6 minutes to start, stop or change something. The game of life is played down on the pitch – realise that you can leave your seat in the stands and join in whenever you like – nobody really knows all the rules, so just check it out and see.

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