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The Integratron… soaked through the skin in a Sound Bath

The other day Erin and I went on an adventure to Joshua Tree which is a small town in the Mojave desert about 3 hours drive east of Los Angeles. One of our primary intentions for the weekend was to visit an unusual building called the Integratron for a sound bath. The structure of the […]

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Our whisky tour video at Aberlour, Scotland

A visit to Aberlour Distillery gave us the opportunity to kick off our ‘The Good Life’ series. We explored the grounds, compared their tipples and also bottled our own 15 yr old malt whisky. A dram of our adventures of 2014.

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I was lost in darkness …

Black poured in as I opened my eyes; my ears were deafened with silence. All I could gather was that I had been sleeping. I was literally at a loss for where, when and almost who I was in this sense vacuum yet this wasn’t a dream. Additionally there was a pressing problem, I needed […]

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Are you using Wearable technology? I am and here are my thoughts…

The other day I was out and about and I realised that in addition to the phone in my pocket, I was sporting a range of wearable technology. My appreciation of new devices has lead me to pick up a few devices and I thought I’d review why I like or dislike them and how […]

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Check out ‘Oriental Tango’ and ‘Funky Flow Stream’ two tracks I just made

I’ve been making some new tracks and thought I’d share them here. Click here for David’s Sound Cloud. Do you think I have a chance to make it as a DJ? DJ Davinator

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Eat, Pray, Love, Act, Share …

I’ve recently been listening to the book Eat, Pray, Love  by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve watched her TED talk about Your Genius a number of times and hearing her questioning inflection in the way she speaks, I can only think of her on stage telling her stories. I’m at the ‘Love’ part of the book, the third […]

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How do you swing? Bail-Style!

In mining terms, your swing is the number of days you work compared to those you don’t. A standard week for most is 5/2: Monday to Friday with weekends off where people generally work for about 8 hours per day equating a 40 hour week. For those who work in mining, we are often stationed out […]

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Bush Surgery and Burning Seeds … Australia’s answer to Burning Man

I have yet to put finger to keyboard for my story about Burning Man this year other than the article the ABC picked up of the adventure I had with a luxury 5 course meal in a desert, however right now Burning Seed is fresh in my mind so I’m going to write about that. […]

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Gifted a candlelit luxury five course meal … from a stranger in a desert!

68,000 people surviving in a hot dusty desert, Black Rock Desert in Nevada was the last place on earth I expected an invitation to a five course meal from a stranger, yet that’s what happened. Every year there is an experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and self-reliance. People contribute to each other […]

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How you can change time with your mind

Depending on your level of magnification, events are happening at considerably differing speeds.  Knowing and appreciating this can alleviate suffering at many levels. From where we are as humans, when we look at one lifetime of about 70-80 years that probably seems like a long time. That same period in the context of biology to […]

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