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I visited a Real Thai Shaman on New Year’s day

I adore learning and new experiences so when I was given 10 minutes to get ready and head around to a friend’s place in the old city in Chiang Mai on New Year’s day to visit a real Thai Shaman, you can imagine that 9 mins 51 seconds later I was off the phone and […]

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Where are you going?

Do you know where you are going in life? Here’s a little secret you may not realise – you don’t need to know. When a river is flowing from the mountains down to the sea, do you think the water focuses on the ocean, or where it is going next? I feel that way too […]

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Confidence to fail

Confidence to fail To have confidence, you must also have Confidence to Fail. Without attempting things, your confidence will not grow and it really is a self-fulfilling upward prophecy if you do attempt things. You cannot not grow if you simply attempt to do at least some of the things you really want to. People […]

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7 Elements of any good Story…

Desire – this is the driving force or purpose behind the main character’s behaviour Problem – this is a need the character is not fulfilling.  The character usually focuses on his/her desire and not their real need.  In order to be fulfilled, the character must develop beliefs, values and understandings that meet the need long […]

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If you don’t judge, you die…

I have been driving around the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland, for the past few months and as a huge truck and I passed each other between mines today, at a combined speed of around 200kmh I pondered on the topic of judgement. The landscape in this area is predominantly relatively flat with a few […]

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Away in the Mines – a bit of an update

I’ve been working in the Central Highlands now for nearly three months. This is an area about 500km North West of Brisbane and is home to probably about 50 coal mines due to massive deposits across the Bowen Basin.       My day-to-day job has been to go to mines and train engineers and […]

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FREE: Money is the ultimate tool

“I don’t have enough money. I need more money. If I just won the lottery …” If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard these statements, I’d be a millionaire! What is so special about money? A belief is a feeling of certainty. A global belief is a belief which affects a whole […]

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Burning Man – 7 days in a desert …

Burning Man is a unique art-induced desert festival held once a year in Nevada. As I sit here on this comfy couch in an exquisite private hillside haven, the lighthouse of Byron Bay is winking its eye at me across a motionless ocean. The twinkling Milky Way shares it’s magic with occasional shooting stars and […]

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What are you waiting for … a tropical island may be waiting for you.

It’s an ordinary day for you at work. You leave … perhaps a little later than you’d have liked to and make your way home. Consider this a Tuesday if you will … do you do anything special? Why not? I did today, and thanks to a little bit of effort on my part, I’m […]

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Do you really want a more simple life?

Descent of the Species This is a story by David Eagleman from his awesome book, Sum, Forty tales from the afterlives. He has taken the concept of the afterlife and turned it on its head, offering a range of alternatives to life after death. This is one of my favourites and Trudi Woodier inspired me to […]

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