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You love it… don’t you?

A few practical steps to clarify what you desire… “If you don’t declare to the universe what you want, how are you expecting it to satisfy you? Also, if you don’t know what you want, do you think it’s ok complaining if you don’t get it?” In my last blog, I wrote about a very […]

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Love is …

I found this in my notes today as I was looking over some content from the Prophecy course I went to by Monsieur Demartini. Whatever you haven’t loved is repeated until it is loved. Whatever you have not loved runs your life until you do. Whatever you hold back holds you back. Whatever you bury […]

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How NOT to be a Loser (i.e. how to be a Winner and a Leader)

As we covered How to be a Loser yesterday, here are some steps to ensuring you’re a winner. How to be a Winner – 5 Simple Steps 1. Be Honest with yourself Stop comparing yourself with others who are worse off than you are in order to make yourself feel better. Compare yourself to where […]

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5 Tips to be a loser

Earlier I mentioned I was going to talk about how to be a Loser. Well this is achieved in 5 simple ways: 1. Deceive yourself Pretend life is better than it really is to preserve your identity and destroy any need to tap in to your real power and move forward. Don’t be honest with […]

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The Choke Effect … how is it affecting your life?

Oops, I said I’d do the ‘5 Tips to be a Loser‘ today, but I’ll do that after I’ve got this current idea out of my head. I was listening to ABC Radio National the other day and there was an interesting programme on about design, I think the programme is called In Design. There was […]

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5 Tips to help you be in the flow…

As I mentioned yesterday on the topic of flow, when we do things which go with our flow we tend to find them easy and call them good; it’s also likely they take less effort. Today let’s look at how to create a flowing environment. (Keep in mind the idea of a river and you’ll […]

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Is your life flowing … ?

Life is about flow. Most would agree that when life is flowing, it feels good, we achieve more of what we want and our stress levels are lower; this does not mean life is always good, it just means we’re moving in a direction which supports our values. Using a river analogy, I believe turbulence […]

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Empyreance links – the whole collection

Here are the links we accessed during Empyreance Sydney 2012. Mindblowing! I reckon we covered the equivalent of a degree every day … for 10 days: Astrology, Astrophysics, Art, Poetry, Peace & War, Love, Yoga, Morals & Ethics, Higher Mind, Dreams, Death Rituals, Cosmology, Creation and so much more… This is the full list. Click […]

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