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Love, what is it really?

Isn’t it unusual, yet so understandable that we want to quantify love and give it dimension.  I ‘love’ the definition that it is the ‘synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites.’ Meaning that when you take a normal wave form of the highs and lows of our life over time, and you balance the highs and […]

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Do you need inspiration?

“Inspiration is like respiration, an unconscious act.” David Woodier When you are inspired to do, be or have certain things in your life, you find yourself naturally taking the appropriate action to make it happen and it feels good irrelevant of whether you enjoy the actual process or not. The thing about doing things we love is that […]

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My Burning Man TED style talk – 3Cs … Confidence, Clear Direction and Communication

Covering a brief overview of my background, I explain what I believe to be three key concepts, (starting 4:28m) the 3Cs of Confidence, Clear Direction and Communication in a short TED style talk. These are very useful for achieving more of what we want and minimising what we don’t want. Focusing on communication, I also […]

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I was lost in darkness …

Black poured in as I opened my eyes; my ears were deafened with silence. All I could gather was that I had been sleeping. I was literally at a loss for where, when and almost who I was in this sense vacuum yet this wasn’t a dream. Additionally there was a pressing problem, I needed […]

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“A magnet ever receives energy from the direction of its generation”

  This is true. I read this today when reviewing Dante’s perspective on desire and thought it a lovely illustration of the importance and worthiness of living true to our values. Our actions diligently describe our values far beyond what our heads ever tell us, although our minds sometimes disagree. There are activities we pursue […]

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Are you using Wearable technology? I am and here are my thoughts…

The other day I was out and about and I realised that in addition to the phone in my pocket, I was sporting a range of wearable technology. My appreciation of new devices has lead me to pick up a few devices and I thought I’d review why I like or dislike them and how […]

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Gifted a candlelit luxury five course meal … from a stranger in a desert!

68,000 people surviving in a hot dusty desert, Black Rock Desert in Nevada was the last place on earth I expected an invitation to a five course meal from a stranger, yet that’s what happened. Every year there is an experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and self-reliance. People contribute to each other […]

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Re-member how Awesome you are! You’re No.1 of 7 billion at that!

I believe we consistently achieve such a huge range of attributes we don’t acknowledge and I think that’s a shame, as they are free and usually serve us and the people around us. For example, at any moment we can find where we have deep knowledge, smoldering confidence or inspirational freedom, simply by looking for […]

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Do you Want it? Need it? Have to Have it or just Love it?

I was talking to a friend about these words the other day and I found in my notes a very practical way of understanding how much energy we’re giving to activities, people or things in our lives. The benefit of knowing this is that we can decode our attraction or repulsion from things, and take […]

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How you can change time with your mind

Depending on your level of magnification, events are happening at considerably differing speeds.  Knowing and appreciating this can alleviate suffering at many levels. From where we are as humans, when we look at one lifetime of about 70-80 years that probably seems like a long time. That same period in the context of biology to […]

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