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Illness in modern society is a responsibility relieving state

Do you get down when you are ill? Do you get angry with sickness? Do you cast blame when your body is stiff, painful or doing things which you’re sure it shouldn’t? I’ve just had a few more blessings on my path and am curious if you see them the way I do. I’d love […]

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How do you meet new people?

I have a reputation among my friends as a bit of a socialising machine so I thought I’d share some of my tips for how to meet people. I remember days going out with my great friend Brendan in Brisbane to clubs, markets, festivals or even just to the shops and from what he tells […]

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How to make McDonalds a raw food café

I have been inspired to write this after a chat last night with Tyler Tolman, Don Tolman’s son. We ended up standing under the stars on the balcony where I’m currently living in Brisbane the day before I clean it for the last time and move to Perth. Tyler and Star, his partner, are about […]

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How breaking a bone is good for you …

I recently lost my bone breaking virginity at a festival in central Queensland and was surprised at how good it was for me. As I sit in the Mater Hospital in Brisbane for my final check up, I thought this would be a good time to write my story. About 9 weeks ago, (on Valentines […]

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