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Love, what is it really?

Isn’t it unusual, yet so understandable that we want to quantify love and give it dimension.  I ‘love’ the definition that it is the ‘synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites.’ Meaning that when you take a normal wave form of the highs and lows of our life over time, and you balance the highs and […]

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Almost no change for a big change – New Year’s Resolutions made easy #1

Shortcuts are awesome.  Here’s an idea which means an almost insignificant change to your behaviour yet it maintains and improves your health in a  big way. The gift of a recommendation to help you keep your health resolutions. Magnetic Insoles I damaged my back and was in daily back pain for 13 years. That’s all sorted now […]

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Gifted a candlelit luxury five course meal … from a stranger in a desert!

68,000 people surviving in a hot dusty desert, Black Rock Desert in Nevada was the last place on earth I expected an invitation to a five course meal from a stranger, yet that’s what happened. Every year there is an experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and self-reliance. People contribute to each other […]

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5 Tips to help you be in the flow…

As I mentioned yesterday on the topic of flow, when we do things which go with our flow we tend to find them easy and call them good; it’s also likely they take less effort. Today let’s look at how to create a flowing environment. (Keep in mind the idea of a river and you’ll […]

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Is your life flowing … ?

Life is about flow. Most would agree that when life is flowing, it feels good, we achieve more of what we want and our stress levels are lower; this does not mean life is always good, it just means we’re moving in a direction which supports our values. Using a river analogy, I believe turbulence […]

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It is BAD for you to have New Year Resolutions – DO NOT DO IT!

Two thousand and twelve. Yup, here we are over a week in to the New Year and I’m wondering how many of you made New Year’s Resolutions you are being committed and persistent about. Statistics show that you are likely having challenges and if so, I can help. I’m here to provide a tip which […]

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Your best friend and worst enemy … are the SAME person

There’s somebody you see every day, but chances are you don’t think you know them very well. You probably don’t think of them as a friend and to be honest, you often treat them worse than any enemy. You talk to them interminably, but frequently only to chastise, berate or criticise their behaviour, the way […]

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How you gonna treat your cancer?

I was recently sent this article on cancer, and thought it was a timely reminder that we are all in a position to easily reduce the effects of this maladie in our lives. Understanding the facts about Cancer will help us better prevent this deadly disease. Here are some facts and natural solutions to prevent cancer: […]

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Inspirational Junk Food

I just read a piece by Ekhart Tolle on the American elections and I have to say that it inspired me … it inspired me to write about Inspirational Junk Food (what are you feeding your mind?) As humans, we are priceless, multi-faceted diamonds and although we all sparkle, our qualities catch and reflect our […]

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Parasite mind control – how an addiction is like a parasite

What if you were being controlled from the inside like the film ‘Dave’ with Eddie Murphy, where there are a whole set of tiny beings inside his body controlling him. You may be being controlled by nature from the inside in ways you’d never imagined… Is it a bird? Is it a snail? Is it […]

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