Thinking of heading off to Bali? Here are a few tips and ideas to get you in flow for the journey. I just spent a week and a half there for a training course before going on adventures for a few days.

Verona's Day Spa, UbudIf you are in Ubud, find Verona’s for a day spa. It was about $35 for 4 hours massage and pampering in the spa complete with being scrubbed down and then bathing in a bath of flower petals.


When bartering in the markets, do not be fooled by the disappointed looks and the resistance to sell. Decide what you’d be willing to pay and then aim for that. It may sound too low, but I recommend starting the price at one third the asking price and then flex from there (remembering what you’d be willing to pay). I bought sarongs for 30,000 rupee each (less than $4) and that is only because I really liked it. Remember, they don’t have to sell to you if they don’t want to.

And for a final tip for Bali, put the effort in and spend a few days up at Bali Mountain Retreat. Nearby rice paddiesA friend had been before and recommended it and we ended up having a wonderful guided walk down through the paddy fields and were shown a range of fruits and spices grown in their natural habitat including cocoa, coffee, vanilla, clove, snakefruit, durian, bananas and mangoes as well as watched honey being taken directly from a tree where some bees were living. The location itself is great and the mountain rain a delight.

Hope you can make it and have fun!

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