Magnetic energy and its flow
Magnetic energy and its flow

This is true.

I read this today when reviewing Dante’s perspective on desire and thought it a lovely illustration of the importance and worthiness of living true to our values. Our actions diligently describe our values far beyond what our heads ever tell us, although our minds sometimes disagree.

There are activities we pursue which cost us time, money and effort however we love to do them so accept both the energy used and the reward. Personally I adore festivals. My annual Mecca is the Burning Man festival in Nevada. The premise is that tens of thousands of us spend a week in an oasis city we build (then dismantle) from an ancient dry, dusty lake bed. There is an ethos of ‘Leave no trace.’

To go to this event requires months of planning, creating costumes, procuring provisions, building structures and a host of other effortful tasks. The payoff; one week living in a desert on our wits, seeing sights not available elsewhere on the planet, meeting NASA engineers, mad scientists and spiritual teachers and dancing in dust storms under the stars.

Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada
Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada

I love going to this event and I embrace the pains and pleasures associated with it. As a result, I generate my own energy (health, money, time) towards achieving the end goal; like a magnet, I am the one who creates the fuel for myself.

During this period, I am literally living with purpose. The purpose of Burning Man. And this is an important point I’d like to leave you with:

You have many purposes. Your purposes change. A purpose may be temporary or it may evolve.

Generate your own energy by pursuing the activities which you are drawn to. Analyse where you spend your money, time and where you’re organised as they are key indicators as to what’s truly important to you.

One word of warning though; when we don’t feel on purpose, we tend to seek immediate gratification through food, smoking, TV, tidying, having breaks and the like. If this happens, use your intuition to determine what you’re doing. Appreciate the feedback and decide if that’s what you want right now. If so, do it with gusto and plan what to do afterwards. Enjoy the immediate gratification for what it is, then get back on track.

Satisfy, not sacrifice.

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