Turbulence doesn't mean wrong direction
Turbulence doesn’t mean wrong direction
  1. Desire – this is the driving force or purpose behind the main character’s behaviour
  2. Problem – this is a need the character is not fulfilling.  The character usually focuses on his/her desire and not their real need.  In order to be fulfilled, the character must develop beliefs, values and understandings that meet the need long term
  3. Opponents – three types: internal, intimate and external.  The bigger the opponent, the bigger the hero.
  4. Plan – the character develops a plan to deal with the opponent
  5. Battle – the character usually experiences his or her own mortality and searches for meaning through this battle
  6. Self Realisation – the character experiences self-revelation and fulfilment of his/her desire/need.  A self-revelation can be in the form of new beliefs, new values or new character traits
  7. Equilibrium – the character develops a new belief system, new values, or new character traits and his/her life returns to balance, the character’s real need is fulfilled.
See where you are and look where you need to go to.
Calm in the storm

Now that you know the sequence, look where you are in any particular story in your life. Once you’ve clarified that, check above what to do about it next,  and then do it!

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