Bosphorus River, Turkey by David Woodier 2009

As I mentioned yesterday on the topic of flow, when we do things which go with our flow we tend to find them easy and call them good; it’s also likely they take less effort. Today let’s look at how to create a flowing environment. (Keep in mind the idea of a river and you’ll see that the answers to creating flow are closely aligned to what happens with water.)

  1. Keep it clear: by keeping your external environment clear of unnecessary items you can move around more easily without turbulence and this helps create flow.
  2. Minimise dead foods: if you’re clogging up your internal system with heavy foods, sugars and other ingredients which don’t agree with you, your energy levels and attention will likely reduce. Even if you don’t change diet, increase your water intake and this will help it flow through. Click here to read about dead foods and cancer.
  3. Eat well and respect your body: fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods are great for keeping your systems optimal which allows us to feel light and mobile both physically and mentally. Remember to keep physically active too. Check out my videos about my fasting if you want some more extreme ways to clear out your system.
  4. Be clear what you desire: when you know what you want, you are so much more likely to get it.
  5. Plan your time: Most of us get so caught up in the whirlwind of life, we don’t give time to ourselves or plan in the things we care about. Schedule time daily or weekly for yourself to do the things you love. Check out BLAST your Things to Do list, or if you don’t think you have a enough time, Read: Can you live on 24 hours per day?

Try any one of these suggestions and you’ll start to see more flow in your life.

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DW funshotWARNING! 5 Simple steps to be a Loser…

Also be aware that water flows downhill and takes the path of least resistance. If we’re not careful we can be flowing the wrong way. Tomorrow I’ll cover the 5 simple steps to take to guarantee you can be a Loser. This may sound counterproductive, however these are the lighthouses of what to avoid on our journey and a wake up call to ourselves if we are doing some of these right now.

What do you do to help yourself be in flow?

One thought on “5 Tips to help you be in the flow…”

  1. I adore these photos fintastac stuff! I especially like the second one, it looks like a giant crack in the earth. I am such a wuss when I fly I always get an aisle seat and avoid looking out the windows so I can just pretend I am on a train but you’ve inspired me to pay more attention next time I fly during the day!

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