Earlier I mentioned I was going to talk about how to be a Loser. Well this is achieved in 5 simple ways:

1. Deceive yourself

  • Pretend life is better than it really is to preserve your identity and destroy any need to tap in to your real power and move forward.
  • Don’t be honest with yourself – you lose leverage doing this.
  • Pain is the trigger to change – by deceiving yourself, you prevent yourself having to change.

Woah!2. Adopt the language of losers

  • “Should” = the language of losers!
  • “I don’t know” – the loser’s lie!  Say “I don’t know” on a consistent basis with emotional intensity and know that anyone who tries to guide you to the answer is an obnoxious goody-two-shoes.
  • This is an incantation – the language must change!
  • Fear stops us.
  • If you talk about yourself using ‘should’ you lose energy/motivation.
  • Solution – if you did know, what would you say?
  • “I’ll try” – the battle cry of wimps!
  • “It’s not like I …” – lower your standards by comparing yourself to people who are even bigger losers than you are.  Brag about how bad you used to be, “You should have seen me before, I used to do this …”


3. Sedate yourself

  • Use culturally accepted sedatives to make yourself feel good for the moment.  Avoid experiencing reality which might actually produce pain for the moment and that could drive you to tap your true resources finally taking immediate and massive action to be, to care and to do whatever it takes to make your life a masterpiece.  Never focus on the outcome or result as ‘planning takes too much time’ and keep yourself busy with dissecting all-important soap opera characters and their purposeful lives.
  • Use music to drag you down and demotivate and listen to those songs which glorify victimisation and self-pity.
  • Use coffee to counterbalance the lack of breathing and exercise and it also provides you with the illusion that you are awake and alive, instead of unmotivated and tired as you truly are.
  • Use food to drug yourself.  Wonder why you feel tired when every day you pack your life-blood with chemicals, toxins, sugars and unhealthy food combinations it can not deal with easily.  Blame ill-health on ‘the season’ instead of understanding that the fuel you run your body on reflects it’s output of energy and ability to heal.
  • Watch television a lot to escape.  Spend hours daily tuning in to the wonderful world of advertising as well as the mindless rubbish we are so often exposed to which continues to condition us thousands of times per day.

4. Be a Martyr

  • Walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders; live with the certainty that no one cares; reject any assistance; mope and complain about everything – you deserve it.
  • If you use the correct physiology, this becomes more quickly attainable: drop your shoulders, look down a lot, moan and drool.

5. Blame Everyone Else

  • Constantly wallow in your personal festering pool of self-pity.
  • Avoid any and all forms or responsibility.
  • Constantly remind yourself that “it’s not your fault …” it is due to your past, your dysfunctional parents, your siblings, everyone and anyone else!
  • In addition, surround yourself with worthless people with lower aspirations than yourself – this will ensure that you regularly re-lower your standards.

Congratulations you truly are a loser.

Coming Soon … How to be a Winner!

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