I wrote this message as I was hoping you could help me with something really personal and special to me for my upcoming 40th birthday!


I’ve had 39 amazing years and feel so grateful for the wondrous gifts I’ve received in life – great family and friends, wonderful education, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and so many extraordinary adventures!

I have been asked by a few people about what they could get me for my 40th celebration and I’ve decided that the most wonderful gift to me would be a contribution towards building a library through an incredible organisation called Room to Read. I believe the gift of education in this world is one of the most powerful contributions we can make and supporting this has been a dream of mine for some time.

I feel like my 40th Birthday is a beautiful opportunity to bring it to fruition.


Why I like this charity and gift idea

A photo I took of children going to school in BaliA few years ago I read a book entitled, “Leaving Microsoft to change the World” by John Wood. I was deeply touched by his story.
He took leave from his job at Microsoft and during his travels in Nepal visited a school which had only three books as a library. As many of you know, I love and believe in the life changing effects of learning and I was so moved by the steps he took to fill that school with books and then go even further to create Room to Read, a charity which contributes education through schools, libraries, local language publishing and scholarships. These have already profoundly changed the lives of nearly 9 million children in third world countries.
I’ve personally helped at a Room To Read event in Brisbane and facilitated an auction they had and as a result in just one evening we raised over $5,000, the cost to create a classroom library in an Asian country.


Facilitating the creation of a library is my goal for my 40th birthday.
As you may know, my personal inspiration is to help people cultivate the seeds of greatness inside themselves. Facilitating this for those in need would be the greatest gift I can think of. Your help would be the best present.


I’ve donated the first $400. As a suggestion, if 115 friends give $40 each, we’ll make the rest together (but don’t let that limit you if you’d like to give a different amount).

Please click the link below if you are inspired to donate and add what you can – every single dollar makes a difference! (You can use Paypal, Credit Card and other methods to contribute). My birthday is 28th March so I’m hoping to get all this finalised and complete before then. The page will be open till 18th April so nobody misses the opportunity to participate.

Thank you so much!

With Love,



Click here to go to my personal donation page, see where we’re up to and make a contribution

PS At the time of writing this post, we’re already up to over $555!
PPS Room to Read has provided me with the following information about what we’d be doing.


Classroom School Library ($5,000 in Asia)

A child in Gili Trawangan ... not at school

Each of these libraries serves hundreds of students annually and includes as many as 1,000-1,500 local language and English language books. These libraries are established in an existing building. Your support funds the creation of a child-friendly learning environment that includes:

          • Age-appropriate books
          • Furniture
          • Games & puzzles
          • Posters
          • Library management training and
          • Ongoing monitoring to ensure proper access and usage.

Once the library is complete, you will receive a final report detailing the resources provided to the library and the community served to directly connect you with the impact of your gift. You will also receive a year-end update from the Country Director detailing the country-wide progress of the program as we scale to over 15,000 libraries this year.

You can sponsor the establishment of a school library in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Vietnam for $5,000 or in South Africa, Tanzania or Zambia for $20,000.

Click here to find out more about the Room to Read programmes.

With love and gratitude,



Click here to go to my personal donation page



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