I’m at the Empyreance workshop this week with Dr John Demartini in Sydney. Currently he is my favourite (and only) teacher disseminating universal laws I’ve identified; ten days learning from the greatest by standing on the shoulders of giants. Quotes from Plato, Einstein, Keats, Anaximander, Freeman Dyson and many others massage our psyches creating relief, pressure and an overall sense of awe.

Universal Law Woman!
Not following the Universal Laws … I’ll get you!

On average we spend 14 hours together per day so even after one day, 30 minutes is pitiful to share what we’ve covered, but here are a few points as well as my interpretation:

– The etymology (origin) of the word philosophy is ‘to love + wisdom’. My personal perspective of wisdom is the ability to see the same situation from more than one angle.
– Spirit aka Fire, Light, Value and Order is what helps us create expression. However spirit without matter is motionless and matter without spirit is expressionless. (this one’s for you Georgi!)
– I’ve always seen my intuition as a bridge from my unconscious to my conscious mind. Today I realised that although that may be what it is, it’s purpose is to help equilibrate (balance) our mind. When we have an unequilibrated mind, we have charge on things i.e. something is ‘bad’ or something is ‘good’. The things we think are bad, we want less of and are happy when they are gone – similarly, when we don’t get the things we consider ‘good’ we are unhappy. Plato, Nietzsche, Socrates and many others wrote about and knew there were complimentary opposites millennia ago – i.e. anything that is good, is also bad and vice versa to the same level.

And a couple of big picture points:

  •  ‘Atma’ means higher-self in Hindu, Buddhist, Jainist traditions. Atmosphere therefore means sphere of the soul.
  • In space there is water and air in another form – its vibration is far higher than that on earth. We call them Hydrogen = water of space, Helium = fire of space. Hyrdro = water, Helio = sun.

That’s my 30 mins of wisdom for you today –what are your thoughts?


P.S. Here’s a corker to finish with: When people are not inspired by what they do, they search for immediate gratification.

Where do you get immediate gratification (smoking, drinking, shopping, eating …) and how could you become more inspired today in that area so that you don’t even have to deny the things that you do for gratification, you’re simply getting it somewhere else which is far more powerful for you and others.



3 thoughts on “30 minutes of Wisdom … distilled for your consumption pleasure.”

  1. I enjoy etymology and find the origins of the words you referenced interesting but not exactly any for of wisdom. I query then what is ‘ wisdom’. I’ve always understood to men the practical application of knowledge. What then is the wisdom of intuition – the balancing of the mind to ensure we don’t move towards or away from things unnecessarily? Ponderous but I feel that intuition is far more than a mere balancing mechanism. , it’s a guidance to act in accordance with my true nature given from my essence within. It may be the subconscious mind or it may be deeper than the mind. Always good to share David.

  2. Thanks for the comment Walt. I agree with what you’re saying and I believe that the true nature from all or our essences is the synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites … that is to say that the nature of all of our beings is to fulfil our highest essence (purpose or value) with the complete love and appreciation that it has benefits and drawbacks. By doing that we do it because we love it, not because we have to.

    Nice one and thanks for the comment

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