Life has been the incredible salad of tasty morsels and crunchy croutons I often perceive it to be and I’ve been learning, appreciating and digesting this flavoursome meal of the moment. As I type, I sit at the Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. I’m relaxing outside and can see the cloudless sky which is pale blue, light green in places and fades through soft white to a beautiful peach colour where the sun kisses the sea.

At the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle, WA

How often are things exactly the way they seem? This question was stimulated by the peach sky I just tasted. Peach; not a colour we’d normally associate with the sky yet a proverbial elephant in the room for those of us with the fortune of clear sunsets. The sky is often coloured in many more shades than blue, yet seldom do people see it that way.

I’m 91% vegetarian, 84% vegan and 6% meat eater

When you report an event to a friend do you tell them the whole truth or do you keep information from them you don’t believe they can handle? I know most of us fall in to the latter category and I find it interesting we self-qualify ourselves their adviser. I’m sure we have reasons for doing this, I just wanted to bring to your attention that we ask others to be honest with us, yet habitually underestimate their capacity to handle the truth so deliver a tarnished reality to them in return.

An embarrassing $1,100 confession you can benefit from

What could you do with $1,100?  How would you feel if you had $1,110 in your hand and you just threw it to the wind. Or perhaps worse, you set it on fire?I was recently provided the good fortune of going to the casino and winning on three separate occasions; firstly I was up about $500, second time I was up about $100 and third time, I was up over $1,700. How lucky was I?

Obviously I reported these events to friends with pride. I even invested $2,200 in a camera I’d been wanting to buy so those monies were well invested in a passion of mine. Feeling I was invincible and whilst at a loose end in Brisbane the other day, I decided to pop in to the casino to win another $2,000 – that was my intention. Instead I paid an expensive lesson. I somehow managed to leave the building $1,100 lighter in the pocket.

  • Yes, I felt sick.
  • Yes, I felt stupid.
  • Yes, I wanted to climb in to a hole.
  • Yes, I believe I’m lucky.
  • Yes, I learned some valuable lessons.
  • Yes, I now see that that money was an investment … and

Yes, I wanted to keep that from you, my friends, but to be honest, seeing as I shared my successes, if I didn’t share this with you, I feel I’d be lying to you.

Do you have someone in your life you care about so much you’ve been ‘protecting’ them from the truth. Does that ‘protecting’ weigh you down? Does that ‘protecting’ give you illness or affect your business or relationships because it probably does? Notice how much you think about that thing and how much of your life it is costing you.

I urge you to take just one step this week in confronting something you’ve been denying and holding back from letting go by acknowledging and sharing the truth. Give the gift of that trust and freedom you’ve been denying them. They deserve the truth so reveal it to the person you’ve been lying to …

… because that person could be you.

P.S. Part of the value of my $1,100 lesson is sharing the learning with you. Please comment so I may hear your words, support, disapproval or opinions, thanks.

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5 thoughts on “The truth is I have an embarrassing $1,100 confession I didn’t want to tell you …”

  1. Firstly, can you explain how one can be 91% vego, 84% vegan and 6% meat eater? I’m confused! 🙂 (which btw isn’t hard!)…

    Secondly, David, I think openly admitting your faults and learning from them is truly an admirable thing. You say you lied (albeit withheld information because you were ashamed to admit it) to your friends, but perhaps a little to yourself also? We all make mistakes, if we admit them and if we learn from them, great! Some people never choose to. Others do. We all know who the winners are in the end. 😉 xx

  2. David, your honesty is remarkable.. I believe the truth sets us free and your post has prompted me to take a deep honest look at where I am lying & holding back little bits.. it’s those little bits, held in by pride that make us sick.. you’re admirable. thank you

  3. Thank you D for sharing your truth and confession. I remember learning some of the key fundamentals about truth and honesty together with you and these still resonate with me.
    I’ve always said, the truth will set you free!
    Bella x

  4. Thanks guys, and yes Shan, I was having a bit of difficulty admitting it to myself which is why I had to find a way of balancing myself in this blog.
    Oh and by the way, my % food preference illustration was just to highlight that something as simple as those food preferences can be seen in many different ways. I estimated how much I eat of those different things and came up with those figures. The difference is made up of dairy 😉

  5. Yes it seems you,ve found your balance in the chance of the game. I have a friend who’s been a stockbroker for 20. years and he tells me that he and everyone he knows in that business, if they’re truly honest, will admit that they only pick winners half of the time over the long term. But they’ll never admit it of course, it’s bad for business….

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